Yesterday morning Bill and I set out to have lunch with a pilot friend of his when we discovered that the aforementioned loveseat was gone. There was a bit of confusion with each of us asking the other, “Did you move it?” This is a convenient phenomenon in our neighborhood; if you leave a piece of furniture on your curb, someone will take it away. We joked all day that we would return from lunch and shopping to see it back in it’s place because the new owners would have realized how terrible a shape it’s in. Or, we would drive past a garage sale and see it with a $5 pricetag. Neither happened and we’re just glad to be rid of it.

We had a wonderful lunch at the Yard House yesterday with Bill’s friend Kevin. Kevin is a jetBlue pilot from Phoenix, and he was overnighting in Long Beach in between flights. Through work, he and Bill have become friends and I finally got to meet him after hearing funny stories about him from Bill. Lunch was delicious with both guys having the mac n cheese on steroids: roasted chicken breast, applewood smoked bacon, wild mushrooms, cheddar and parmesan cheese with castellane pasta and white truffle oil. I had a Blue crabcake hoagie with melted swiss cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, tomato and a spicy cajun aioli that was very tasty.

After lunch we did a little bit of shopping for the house. There’s a really large Macys Home store in Costa Mesa and there was some sort of sale yesterday. Shopping didn’t last long as neither of us was in a shopping mood. It’s funny how that is… both of us lacked any enthusiasm to buy anything, even with a gift card. Other shoppers and strollers were increasingly irritating and we were striking out with any good parking karma. We cut our losses and headed home.

Around dinner time Bill flew up to OAK to begin another bounce-around-the-country trip. If my memory serves me right, he’ll spend a couple of days working in OAK and SJC, then fly to Ft Lauderdale, Washington DC and spend the weekend with James and Kristen in Richmond. Then it’s back to Ft Lauderdale on Monday. It was very convenient of jetBlue to add the FLL-RIC flights. Hopefully he’ll be home next Tuesday. I am kind of bummed I’ll be spending another Halloween alone, not that there’s really anything to celebrate. Last year I was swamped with kids and ran out of candy in a couple of hours. I had to go to the store and buy more. I have a little bit more this year to start with, but I just can’t seem to get excited about it. I’ll probably just put the candy in a bowl and leave it on the porch and keep the door closed. Yeah, I know it’s lame.

I spent the day working on my children’s book and listening to random music. When it became too warm in the office, I relocated to the living room and worked while watching season one of Quantum Leap. I had never really seen the first season back when the show started. I don’t think I started watching it until the third or fourth season. With Bill gone all week, I plan to make some serious headway on my children’s book, and maybe I’ll buy season two of Quantum Leap. Wish me luck!


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. christao408 says:

    I know the feeling when you’re at the mall and there’s just so many people and so much madness, you don’t have any enthusiasm for shopping.

  2. kristalucas says:

    hey, we’re going to richmond next thursday-saturday…my crazy husband is running the richmond marathon! i wish you were visiting your friends there so we could see you!! 🙂

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