Halloween came and went last night. When I got home from work, the door
was closed and all the lights were off, but I knew our roommate Doug
was home. He was hiding from trick-or-treaters. I had a painting to
finish last night and I didn’t want the constant interruption of kids
yelling at my door (they seem to have forgotten how to knock.) So, I
put a large bowl of candy on the porch with a sign that said Happy
Halloween and I got to work. I heard trick-or-treaters many times, and
around 10:30 I finally heard one kid say that the bowl was empty. I hope everyone else had a much more entertaining Halloween than me. Maybe when we start having kids, I’ll get more enthusiastic about it.

Bill and I have begun planning our honeymoon. We didn’t go on one right after the wedding for a couple of reasons: 1. I didn’t have enough vacation time. It would have had to be a 3-day weekend honeymoon. Boo. 2. With so many family and friends flying in from around the world, we wanted to have some time after the wedding to visit with as many people as we could. 3. I felt that rushing away to a long vacation right after the weding would be a waste for us. We’d pay a lot of money for airfare and a hotel to spend most of the trip catching up on the sleep I missed pre-wedding. I can sleep at home for free. Once we spent a trip in New York City and Boston sleeping in too much and it caused us to miss out on some pretty cool sightseeing. All the attractions were beginning to close when we finally got going.

We both agreed that we’d like to go somewhere neither of us has been. We’re going to wait a little while to visit Europe, hopefully when the exchange rate gets better. I’m optimistic. Hong Kong was mentioned and a lot of Bill’s family really wants us to visit. But, if we did Hong Kong, then his parents and probably my parents would come too. Then it’s no longer a honeymoon. So, we began looking at Caribbean destinations. I’ve never been anywhere south of Key West and… conveniently… jetBlue recently announced service to St. Martin beginning in January. So, it looks like St. Martin/Sint Maarten will most likely be our destination. (Not final yet) Being the airplane geek that he is, Bill was attracted to this island by the airport and how close the edge of the runway is to a public beach. Here’s a link to some photos on airliners.net that describe why Bill is a little psyched about visiting this beach. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Even to someone like me, who isn’t an airplane geek, it would be pretty neat to sit on that beach and watch these airplanes land. Thankfully, the island has dozens more beaches that are nowhere near the airport along with fishing and snorkeling and whatever else people do in the Caribbean. Personally, since half of the island is owned by France and the other half by the Netherlands, I’m looking forward to some awesome food. We’re looking at going sometime in February in between the times when the separate sides of the island celebrate Carnival. If anyone has ever been to St Martin/Sint Maarten and has any recommendations or places to avoid, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.


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  1. christao408 says:

    Two words: Koh Samui (Thailand).  Here’s a picture: http://www.sitca.net/ko_samui_beachview.htm

  2. alextebow says:

    I would love to visit Thailand for our honeymoon! But we can’t afford the airfare right now. We can fly to the Caribbean for free. And get some great interline rates for hotels. For this trip we’re limited to wherever Bill’s discounts can get us. Thailand, Hong Kong, and China will be a trip for 2009.

  3. kristalucas says:

    st. martin is BEAUTIFUL! we only spent one day there since we were on a cruise. let me look up where we were. tim’s parents love a particular beach as well. and i’m sure you can find a some fabulous snorkeling. :)on an unrelated note, a friend of mine is a graphic designer and the place she works for is closing next friday so she’s looking for a job. any openings at your place? i know it would be a bit of a hike for her since she lives in LA, but i’m sure a job with a bit of a commute is better than no job.

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