Well, it’s official, we’re married, according to the State of California. After a couple weeks of waiting after the wedding, I wondered why we hadn’t received any confirmation from the county that they had received our marriage license. I figured they’d at least send us one copy for free, right? Nope. The Contra Costa County offices just record the marriage, we have to physically go to the office to have any copies printed. With me being super busy finishing my freelance project and Bill’s work schedule flying him all over the country, the first day that either of us cold make the drive to Martinez was this past Tuesday. It’s not a quick thing either,m Martinez is 50 miles from Newark. But, at least it’s done now and I can finally begin the process of changing my name. I’m really looking forward to confusion and surprise when people see a tall white girl named Mrs. Wong.

We woke up to rain today, lots of it. Bill and I were reminded that our patio has a couple of serious leaks. I think today is the first serious rain we’ve had since last winter. The roads and freeways were definately not prepared for it as storm drains and gutters were flooding all over the place on my way to work this morning. And the occasional mini-river flowing across the freeway is always a little scary, especially since my commute shares the freeway with a lot of trucks. Of course all of the areas that were on fire a few weeks ago were under flash flood and mudslide warnings. It’s after 7pm and it’s still raining, albeit much lighter now. I wonder if we’ll have a wetter season than last winter, we definately need the rain. 

Just in time for me to finish my freelance project, Bill leaves for a long trip again. All next week he’ll be setting up a new station for a January launch of flights from JFK to St. Maarten. He got his hotel reservation last week and I was dying to know where on the island he’d be staying… here’s the satelitte image:

The arrow points to his hotel with it’s own beach and the largest casino on the island. He can walk right outside and enjoy the beach AND watch airplanes take off and land. Can you tell I’m jealous? The he’ll be in DC and Richmond for a few days after. I guess I’ll try to find another project to begin while he’s gone…

Back to work now… by this time tomorrow, I plan to be finished with my freelance project and snuggled up in my plush bathrobe in front of the TV.



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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. kristalucas says:

    how much do i LOVE that you were listening to debbie gibson while writing this?!?!?! (aside: i heard a song by her at the mall one day and still knew all the lyrics…)i’ll be in newark soon!! we have to figure out when we’ll be in the same place and free – i know i have family things on the 22nd and 24th, but i think they’re both evening obligations. i can check with my mom on that for sure.k

  2. alextebow says:

    yeah, a while back Bill made a mix CD of random 80’s music and her “Only In My Dreams” was on it. I cracked up when I heard it and freaked him out a little how I still knew the words. I’ve since added a few songs to my iPod and am belting out “Foolish Beat” and “Lost In Your Eyes” while I’m stuck in traffic.

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