Not much going on right now. Bill is working in St. Maarten this week setting up computers for a class to train new employees. He’ll fly back there in a couple of weeks to take down those computers once training is done and begin setting up computers for the ticket counters and gates. It’s all part of the process from an IT perspective when they begin flying to a new city. The one big thing Bill has been learning is the concept of “Island Time.” Everything moves slower and with less urgency in the Caribbean. When he was told that something would be completed first thing in the morning, he had to get clarification as to what “first thing” meant. To him, 7am was sufficient. I guess first thing in the morning really was sometime between 9am and noon. He’s taking it in stride though. He should be finished with the bulk of his work today and has plans to drive around the perimeter of the island and enjoy some time on the beach. He’s also been talking to some co-workers about our honeymoon in a few months. We’re talking about going to Aruba instead. I’m unclear as to the reasons, but we’ll talk about it more when he gets home next week. I’m not too picky.

It’s been a busy month for Bill and his team as they are rolling out thin clients for some of their stations. I’m finally understanding how this thin client stuff works, but I won’t even try to explain it. But it sounds like an efficient and cost-saving solution for ticket counter, gate, and skycap computers. It should save them a lot of money on software licenses because they won’t have to buy them for every computer.

This weekend I’ll spend in Newark hanging out with family. Saturday night I’m going to the San Francisco Symphony with Patrick, Michael and Sara to see a performance of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique. I’m really excited as I haven’t been to the symphony in a really long time. I’m working on getting into to town early enough on Friday afternoon to see Sara in a performance with her music class. I’ll see if I can leave work a little early to catch that flight. Bill has my camera this week, so I’ll try and remember to bring Mom and Dad’s camera with me.


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  1. christao408 says:

    Regarding the spice rack, there are two things I would recommend doing differently:
    First, make it narrower.  Mine is two spice jars deep but that’s kind of silly because I can’t easily see what’s behind the front jar.  Second, put it in the upper cabinet, not the lower one.  When designing it, it did not occur to me that stooping over would be such a hassle, but it really is.
    That said, it is a good way to organize your spices.
    Let me know when you have some time to take a look at my logo project.  Christao Asia Ltd will be starting business the first week of the new year and I’d like to get business cards lined up shortly afterwards.

  2. jandsschultz says:

    Enjoy. The Berlioz is simply fantastic. Hello to Patrick, Michael, and Sara as well as the rest of the family. Sue

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