Continuing with yesterday’s post…

Before I continue with the weekend, here’s a somewhat panoramic shot from St Maarten that Bill took and I pieced together.

Friday evening we enjoyed Mom’s lasagna for Mark’s birthday. For dessert we had one of my favorites: German Chocolate Cake. Mark’s daughters Cindy and Susie joined us, even though Cindy had no voice, it was really nice to see them.

Saturday we all slept in and Bill woke up feeling achy, but he assumed it was from all of the flying he’d done. Alvin picked up James, Bill and me and we had lunch at my favorite local deli, Munchner Haus in Fremont. On the way, Bill was hit with the flu. At first he just felt achy, then the rest of the symptoms hit him all at once and he spent lunch dozing in Alvin’s truck. After lunch we took him home. I hung around with him for a bit while Alvin and James worked on James’ resume. James is going to try and get a job with Alvin’s company. Later Alvin, James and I met up with Michael and Sara for dinner and a movie. We saw the film I Am Legend, which I thought was quite good. I’d go see it again. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse afterwards. It was a little funny being there with Sara since she used to work there.

Sunday morning Bill was feeling a little better. But, not well enough to socialize. He hasn’t been this sick in a really long time. I met up with Michael and Mark who were on their way back from a winery where Mark had just purchased a machine that is involved in wine making. I think it crushes the grapes, but I’m not sure. We loaded it into the “winery” (I’ll post photos of Mark’s backyard winery when I get a chance to take some, it’s pretty cool) We then bottled some of his Rose for the party later that night. We tasted the Zinfandel and the Port that is being made. I thought the Zin was pretty good. I liked the Port too, but I thought it could be sweeter, it’s also pretty young still. We only bottled two bottles of the Rose because Mark plans to filter the wine to prevent it from going through a second fermentation which would change the taste and add carbonation.

Later that evening we had Mom’s birthday dinner at Jan and Mark’s house. The menu was a 1st course of French Onion Soup followed by spiral ham, garlic mashed potatoes and a green salad. This was Jan’s first attempt at French Onion Soup, and we all agreed it was successful.

Here Mom and Jan and getting the soup going. Jan used a recipe that involved cooking the onions down in the oven for two hours before bringing them to the stove for carmelization. It saved a lot of time spent watching them on the stove.

It was Patrick’s job to watch the broiler and pull them out when they reached GBD. (Golden Brown and Delicious)

Lovely with gruyere cheese on top of the hidden crouton.

While dinner was being prepared I was goofing off with Sara’s five-year-old brother Noel. He brought his Nintendo DS and was trying to show me how to play Pokemon. This picture cracked me up because he kept sticking his chin out when we took his picture. Sara’s fourteen year old sister, Ashton, also joined us.

Patrick plating the ham… Josh waiting patiently for a morsel…

Dinner time.


Dessert was apple and cranberry crisp and ice cream. While Mom blows out the candles, there’s a random sleeping man on the TV…

Noel trying to rock.

For some reason jetBlue was only flying three flights to LGB from OAK on Sunday. And they were all full, so Bill and I flew very early Monday morning. We had a maintenence delay and we were towed back to the gate so the maintenence guys could fix the plane. We finally took off more than an hour late. We had to wait again in LGB for a gate and had to be towed to the gate because of construction. I was really tired, sitting in a middle seat between two broad-shouldered arm rest hoggers, and my TV didn’t work. It was the longest one-hour flight ever. Then I had to go straight to work. The only blessing was that there was no traffic that late in the morning.

Not much going on this week. I plan to do a lot of cleaning that wasn’t getting done last week and some last minute shopping. Bill flies back to St. Maarten tonight to take down the computers he set up last week now that training is done. He’ll go back again after New Year’s to begin setting up the station for the inagural flight. It’s all part of opening a new station. He’ll fly straight to OAK from Florida on Friday so we can spend Christmas in Newark. Hopefully, I’ll get an open seat on Friday evening.

Have a wonderful Christmas!


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  1. christao408 says:

    The birthday dinner looks fantastic.  Wish I could have been there.  Tell Bill to take care of his health.

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