Bill, James and I flew up to OAK Friday evening to spend the weekend with family.

Saturday morning Michael and I picked up my friend Krista and we spent most of the day on a photography adventure. Krista and I wanted to do some more “Trash the Dress” photography after our time at the Newark Community Center, but there’s only so much that can be done with my wedding gown. So, I searched eBay and some other wedding gown sites to see if I could find a cheap wedding gown, in my size, that had a substantial train and was a little more traditional-looking than my wedding gown. I found a few beautiful gowns for sale but I never found one in my size. I got my hopes up once for a beautiful designer gown that was my size and listed for $50 on eBay… but it had been altered to fit a bride who was 5’1″. A week ago I stopped by the David’s Bridal near my work and scoured their clearance rack. Every year they sell off their sample gowns that are being discontinued. I scored a beautiful ivory, strapless, A-line gown with a long train and silver beaded embroidery that fit me perfectly. It was marked down from $700 to $99. It was acutally a lot of fun trying on random gowns. Since I bought my wedding gown online, I never did the whole go-to-the-salon-to-try-on-wedding-gowns thing. I’m thinking I really missed out. If anything it would have been fun to try on a $5000+ wedding gown… just to see how it looks.

Anyway, Saturday morning Michael and I picked up Krista and headed west to Memorial Park to take photos among the redwoods. It’s just off of highway 84 in the mountains between Half Moon Bay and Woodside. I’ve gone camping there countless times and I knew of a couple of spots that would work well. It was muddy and damp, but the temps were in the 50s and very tolerable. More importantly, the sun was shining and creating some really beautiful lighting. After taking some photos there, we continued west and stopped at Pescadero State Beach where it was high tide and the surf was really pounding the rocks. It was really impressive to watch. We climbed among some rocks to get some good backgrounds and narrowly missed getting splashed by a couple of rogue waves. There were a few people there giving us some weird looks as I climbed around the rocks in this big gown. next we drove north to San Gregorio State Beach where there was actually some sand instead of only rocks. I waded and kneeled in the cold water and laid down in the sand to get some cool shots. With the cliffs of this beach, the weather was actually really nice. Out of the wind, the sun warmed us enough where we didn’t even need a jacket. When we got my veil thoroughly wet and sandy and the wedding gown soaked up to my knees, we decided to call it quits. We had discussed actually getting the whole gown wet, including my hair, but in the end I think we’d had enough. Krista is without a computer for the next week, so she won’t be able to post any of the photos for a while. I’ll mention something when she does.

We were heading home, but I wanted to stop at Pillar Point Harbor to see how much they were selling dungeness crab. As we drove through Half Moon Bay and got closer to the harbor, the traffic slowed down and there were hundreds of cars parked along the highway. Once inside the parking lot of the harbor, we got lucky and found a spot right away, but it was apparent that there was some sort of event happening; the pier was packed with people. I didn’t want to waste the good parking karma, so we walked around for a bit. The crab was too expensive for me at $4.50 per pound. It’s been a tough season for dungeness crab. As we were leaving, traffic got really bad as whatever event was happening was finished and everyone was leaving. We whined a little bit at our impeccible timing, but we eventually made it back onto the highway and on our way home. When we got home, we learned that we happend upon Half Moon Bay during the Mavericks Surfing Contest. It’s a world famous competition (in the surfing world) that doesn’t even happen every year. In the winter when the weather and the surf is just perfect, the call goes out and all of the competitors have twenty-four hours to get to the contest. Because of the size of the waves, and the close proximity of some pretty dangerous rocks and cliffs, many surfers deem Mavericks some of the most dangerous waves in the world. Bill and I have made the long walk out to watch surfers practice on those waves, and it’s really impressive to watch. One of these years, we’ll head out during the competition and see the pros do it.

Saturday evening Bill and James went out with Alvin to celebrate Alvin’s birthday. Meanwhile, I went to dinner with Mom, Dad, Grandma Reeves, Michael, Patrick, Jan and Mark. We celebrated Mom’s & Dad’s 34th Wedding Anniversary with dinner at a favorite restaurant of ours, Speisekammer. The food was fabulous, as always, and we all had a good time. Below are some goofy pictures from then:

Dad enjoying a Hefeweisen and Patrick his Spaten Oktoberfest.

Even Grandma enjoyed a hefeweisen.

Mark cracking up. Moments before he was kissing Mike’s cheek. Cursed delay on my camera!

Dad acting a bit silly.

On Sunday Bill, James and I had dim sum with Bill’s parents. There’s a place in Union City that is pretty good and consistantly has all of our favorites. I also got to try a few new items and a new tea. After lunch, Bill, James and Alvin went to Fry’s to do some male bonding. It’s funny to see a bit of added excitement in Bill’s face knowing that James is moving back to town. All the fun they used to have will be back.

I flew home on the 5pm flight to Long Beach. Later that night, Bill flew to Washington DC where he’s working until Wednesday. He’s hoping that this will be the last long trip for a while. While I enjoy driving his car to work when he’s away, I’m really getting tired of being at home by myself. It’ll be nice to have him home every evening. Plus, we really need to do some work in the backyard.


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  1. christao408 says:

    Very nice picture of your parents.

  2. bevduhon says:

    can’t wait to see these trash the dress pics!!

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