It’s been an interesting week at work. There’s an awkwardness in the air as we prepare to move to a new and larger office next Friday. On top of the all of the cleaning and packing, we in the art department have a deadline at the beginning of February and a lot of work still to do. It’s been interesting trying to balance everything. This is the first time this company has ever moved offices in its six year existence, so there’s a layer of stress in the air that been hard to cut through. I’ll be glad when it’s over and we can get busy stressing over Harry Potter. You know that you’re mentally involved in a project when you start dreaming about it…

James flew in yesterday afternoon to spend the weekend with us. We had dinner at Lucilles with our roommate Doug. I don’t know what James has planned for today while Bill and I are at work. The two of them will probably have lunch. I mentioned that they could drive out to Torrance and take me out to lunch… I don’t think they were thrilled with that plan. This afternoon Michael and Sara will fly in. They have tickets to see the play Wicked in Los Angeles tonight. For Christmas Michael purchased separate tickets for a behind-the-scenes tour of the show where you get to go backstage and meet some of the cast members. Even though both of them have seen the show once already, they’re really excited about tonight. One of these days I’d like to see that play. Michael really liked it and he’s not a fan of musicals. While Michael and Sara are in LA, Bill, James and I will go see The Dan Band down the street at the Avalon. For those who don’t know, The Dan Band is an LA based cover band made up of three guys who play female pop music from the 70s through today with some swear words thrown in. When it’s written out, it sounds lame, but it’s a really funny and entertaining show. They were the wedding band in the film Old School. Bill and I probably know all the words to their first album and I know I will be singing along tonight. A few years ago Bill made a copy for Mark’s brother-in-law Gary. Gary and his wife Kim liked the music so much they saw the performance when they toured in Seattle. It should be fun tonight bringing James. This will be his first time seeing them live.

Tomorrow we’re going to drive down to San Diego to have dinner with our friends Chuck and Mari. Chuck was the friend of ours who happened to be celebrating his birthday the same day as our wedding. We just learned that they’re expecting their first baby in about five months. Congrats to both of them!

Last week when Bill was working in Washington DC he took a short trip down to Richmond to visit with Kristen and Logan. He brought by some baked goods from a Korean bakery that we all love. It’s called Shilla Bakery and it’s really close to where James’ parents live. There’s actually a funny story that James told us about the bakery. Years ago a woman had a large order for some sort of event through this one Korean bakery. When she picked up the pastries and brought them to her event she noticed that many of them were starting to show small spots of mold. So she took them back to the bakery and demanded they be replaced or a refund given. They did neither. Naturally, she was pissed. For revenge this woman’s mother told her to open her own bakery across the street. They did, and made bread and pastries that were so good it put the first bakery out of business. I don’t know how much of the story is true, but it makes us laugh every time we tell it. Lesson to be learned: don’t piss off a Korean mom.

Bill got a cookie from this bakery for Logan. Kristen and Bill both thought it would be funny to tell Logan that the cookie looks just like James. Logan caught on and was very chatty pointing to the cookie and saying, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Of course he stopped as soon a Kristen tried to video tape. At least Bill got a photo on his phone:

It does look a little like James…

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