Two cool things to report:

First, Krista has added some of our trash-the-dress photos to her website. We had so much fun at the beach and in the redwoods with this shoot. She’s back home in North Carolina after a long vacation in California. She’s sending me a CD of all the photos so I can play with them in Photoshop as well. I’ll post them later after I’ve had some fun. Krista’s page

Second, the childrens book author with whom I worked on my last book has created her own webpage. She’s written many stories and has included a blurb about each of the illustrators she’s worked with. If you click on “What’s New” you can see the cover of my book. It’s not available for purchase yet, I’ll let you know when it is. Robins Falls Children’s Stories


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. bevduhon says:

    First of all, OMG!  Illustrated by Alex Tebow!!!  Fanfreakingtastic!  That’s big time baby, congrats.
    LOVED the trash the dress pics!  My favs were the B&Ws, one of u with sandy toes and the one right below that of you standing in a half turn on the shore with veil and dress cascading behind.  The second in particular ought to be framed and mounted.  Kudos to Krista for absolutely stunning pics!
    Illustrated by Alex Tebow, WOW!

  2. kristalucas says:

    🙂 it makes me happy to read comments about my photos. 🙂

  3. stebow says:

    As I have mentioned before… Beautiful!!!!!!! AND ditto what Bev said. Illustrated by Alex Tebow! are you kidding me?! The pride I have for you is gigantic! Can’t wait for the book to come out. Borders will be sold out instantly. ;-D

  4. kfyeom says:

    Wow! Seriously Alex those wedding photos are amazing! I especially like the last two of you on the fallen redwood. Wow! I second the Kudos to Krista for really awesome shots! And an awesomely beautiful subject as well 😉

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