This weekend Bill and I celebrated our tenth anniversary. We had our first date on January 31st, 1998. But since that was during a weekend, we’ve always celebrated on the weekend before the 31st. Neither of us is really sure when we first met face to face. I knew who Bill was back when I was in Jr. High because Dad pointed him out to me a couple of times when we attended a San Francisco Bay Blackhawks game. Bill had a part time job working as an assistant field manager at our high school when the Blackhawks had a home game. Dad knew him because he was also a referee for the Newark Soccer Club. Bill says he knew who the Tebows were through the soccer club. With four kids playing soccer and both parents either coaching, running concessions, fund raising or coordinating registration, he was bound to know who we were. I’m guessing we really met at one of the many Newark Soccer Club referee meetings. Gunter was referee coordinator back then and was promoting Bill as the District III Youth Referee of the Year when I had just become a referee (District III consists of most of Alameda County). Even though we attended the same high school only two years apart, we never spoke at school. During my senior year, Gunter was promoting me for the Youth Referee of the Year program and Bill was assisting him with running the referee program in Newark. In 1998, I was pretty much done with the Youth Referee of the Year stuff and we’d moved on to promoting Patrick for the 1999 year. By the way, I won State and Region IV Youth Referee of the Year. Region IV consisting of the 14 western United States. Yes, I rocked.

So, we started out as acquaintances and became good friends, traveling with our group to random soccer tournaments in Bill’s little Beemer. Our “first” date was a planned occurrence, unlike our previous dates, because neither of us could figure out when in the previous month we had become a “couple”. Those real first dates were a little funny in that I don’t think either of us thought of them as dates until after the fact. A couple of times we attended a San Jose Clash game and stopped at Lyons for hot cocoa afterwards. Twice in one week the hot cocoa and getting-to-know-you chatting ran until three in the morning. It was then when we decided that we should have an official date. That Saturday, we drove down to Santa Cruz and walked along the beach and boardwalk. We sampled salt water taffy at Marini’s at the Beach  and watched a few surfers. We had dinner at the restaurant that rests at the end of the pier. I remember the weather was oddly warm and we watched a beautiful sunset. Awwww… I know.

This weekend being the ten year mark, we had a hard time coming up with a fun and romantic place to visit. The torrential rain, gusting winds, flash floods, mudslides, rock slides, thunder and lightning, and a tornado pretty much scrapped most of our ideas. Option 1. was to spend the weekend in Las Vegas and to see Dana Carvey on Saturday night. Option 2. was to drive down to San Diego and really see the city, which I’ve never done. We ended up doing neither because I woke up Saturday morning slammed with the flu. Doh! So, instead, we watched movies and TV shows on DVD all day Saturday and most of Sunday. With me doing my best not to whine with aches, chills, fever and various other symptoms that would constitute TMI. Thankfully it was only a 24-hour bug and I’m almost back to 100%. So, we spent our anniversary weekend doing one of the things we do best… nothing.


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  1. jandsschultz says:

    Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the flu. A bummer to say the least on an anniversary weekend. Glad, however, to hear you are beginning to feel better. That “stuff” can really zap your energy. S

  2. bevduhon says:

    Awwwww, garsh!  Aren’t those getting to know you over hot chocolate at 3 in the morning non-date dates the best?  Glad you’re feeling better.

  3. kfyeom says:

    Hey it could have been like that Friends episode when Monica was super sick and trying to be sexy for Chandler 😉 Your story is much better than James and I’s 10th. Basically, hey it is our tenth anniversary…Really?…Yea…Neat.

  4. kristalucas says:

    ugh, i’m glad you’re feeling better! 🙂 and LYON’S! the memories.i finally sent your CD today (i know, i know, i’m so slow), so you should have it soon. then you can play. 🙂

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