I’m thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet of the weekend after a long work week. We have a lot of work to do and only so much can be done in the time we’re there. I’ve been staying late until my eyes are tired and my back is sore. Another artist in my department had a wedding to attend Friday evening. So, knowing that he was leaving early on Friday, he stayed and worked all night Thursday night, sleeping only a couple of hours on the floor of his cubicle. Talk about dedication! Actually, we’re all striving to get this project completed as soon as possible. It’s a big deal when all four of us are working on one project. It’s easy to forget that we actually have other clients.

Embracing the beautiful weather today, I set out to conquer the Bermuda grass that has invaded my flower beds. It’s a never-ending battle that I know I will never ultimately win. Even if we were to completely replace the lawn in the backyard, I would still see Bermuda grass making an appearance each once in a while. It’s kind of like dealing with ants. You may keep them back for a while, but they will always come back. I got my artichokes planted, along with some parsley and the Early Girl tomato that Bill bought last week. I still need to clear out another bed for my boysenberry plant. When daylight savings time begins at the end of March, I’ll buy more tomatoes and whatever else we feel like growing this summer. We are about to cut down a 50+ year old apricot tree that takes up space in the backyard. In the two summers we have lived in this house, that tree has given us less than a dozen apricots. It’s time. And today we noticed that sections of the bark are really brittle and we could rip off very easily. I was worried that it was infested with termites. Upon closer inspection, it looks like it’s infested with ants. I didn’t know that ants could do that to a tree. Either way, we’re about to borrow a chainsaw from Louie’s dad and get to work. I wonder if the ants residing in the tree will give us problems. Probably.

Tonight Bill and I drove out to Buena Park for dinner at Portillo’s Hot Dogs. Portillo’s is a chain of restaurants with over thirty locations in Illinois, one in Indiana, and one in California. The hot dogs are delicious and come in wonderful varieties. I like mine the classic way with mustard, relish, onions, and tomatoes. (yes, they put tomatoes on their hot dogs) Bill gets their chili dog with onions, and we shared a sandwich that was a combo of a char-grilled Italian sausage topped with thin-sliced Italian beef. The whole sandwich is topped with a little bit of a thin gravy. It’s really delicious. We could easily eat WAY too much at this restaurant. After dinner we continued East. On Friday I heard on the radio that a favorite comedian of ours, John Pinette, was performing at the Brea Improv this week. Bill called and ordered tickets for us. We arrived about forty minutes before the show was supposed to start. We were greeted with a line that went around the block. Doh, we said. Then it took us forever to find a place to park. We really needed James’ excellent parking karma. We eventually found a place and arrived just as they were opening the doors. We sat in the last row and were lucky enough to have the tallest group of four people sitting in front of us. Both of us spent the evening moving our heads from side to side as the people in front of us continuously adjusted their seats. Our seats may have been shitty, but the show was still great. John Pinette is a large man and most of his comedy revolves around food and food culture. I love when he goes off on why there are such long lines at buffets… it’s because too many skinny people take up time browsing. While Bill and I have had his CD in our cars for probably five years, it was wonderful to hear all new stories and jokes. He even commented on how he always changes his performance. It was a great show and it was nice to be first out of the theater, thanks to our crappy seats. At the end of the month we plan to return to the Brea Improv to see Bob Saget perform. I’m really looking forward to it.

While walking back to the car tonight, we joked about how proud we were of ourselves for actually going out on a Saturday night. It’s so rare for us. We both felt too old for nightclubs as soon as we turned twenty-one. Bars are expensive and Bill doesn’t drink, so there’s no point unless we’re there to see a musical performance. Which has happened maybe twice in the last ten years. We are really stingy when it comes to movies because we have a large TV with surround sound. We’re only spending $11 for a movie when it’s necessary to see it on a bigger screen. So, we really don’t go out that often. But, we decided tonight that we can really do comedy clubs. And living in Southern California, we have a few good ones to choose from and a lot of well known comedians perform here. Sounds good to me. Plus, laughter is really good for your health, right?

I think we’re planning to have hot dogs for dinner again tomorrow…


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. christao408 says:

    Plus, laughter burns off the calories you consumed at the wiener stand.

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