This weekend Dad reminded me that I neglected to update my blog this week. Since Bill and I were suffering from a nasty upper respiratory infection, there wasn’t much to talk about. It’s been a bad flu season this year with pretty much everyone catching it in one way or another and all of us trying to trace it back to the first of our friends or family to catch it… looking for someone to blame. Mom and Dad are recovering, Patrick and Michael both have it. It’s been irritating as I always end up with a pesky cough that lingers for a couple of weeks after a cold. This time is no different with me trying a variety of cough medicines. This time around I have a pulled muscle in my lower back, thanks to the cough, that prevents me from standing up straight or sleeping flat on my back. Co-workers are making fun of me as I hobble around the office like a little old lady.

James stayed with us all week hanging out with Bill during the day since he was too sick to go in to work. James caught this bug a couple of months ago, so he should be immune. We has awesome and did a little bit of housework while Bill napped. Kristen, you should be proud.

Since we were all feeling a bit better by Friday, we flew to OAK that evening. Saturday afternoon we met up with Alvin and had lunch at Dino’s Grill in Newark and caught a 3pm movie. We saw Vantage Point which looked pretty good in the previews. It’s about an assassination attempt on the president while he’s speaking at a summit in Spain. The events are replayed over and over again each time from the view of a different character. It literally rewinds at a pivotal moment in the film and starts over from a different perspective giving us a little more information each time. I enjoyed it, but it was a little disappointing when I guessed the outcome in a few areas.

I’d recommend it, but perhaps wait until it’s available on DVD. I don’t know if it was worth the $10 ticket. I really liked Dennis Quaid as the Secret Service agent who everyone thought was a little paranoid. And I just like looking at Matthew Fox.

For dinner Saturday night, we went to Cattlemen’s in Newark. Jackie has moved up the ranks going from a hostess to a server. We, (James, Alvin, Bill, Michael and Bill’s parents and me) had a nice dinner to celebrate Bill’s mom’s retirement. Everyone had some sort of steak, with Bill’s dad opting for the rack of lamb and Michael having ravioli (don’t ask). Dinner was delicious and Jackie did a good job as our server. Although she forgot the mushrooms Bill requested on his steak… we’ll probably give her crap about that. I talked to Bill’s mom to see how she was liking retirement… she doesn’t miss work at all, but she’s getting bored easily. We need to find a hobby for her. I didn’t take any pictures, mostly because I still don’t feel well and I’d left my camera in my suitcase.

I wanted to spend Sunday morning hanging out with my friend Yvonne, but the flights all afternoon were full and we flew home on the noon flight. We’ll work on hanging out another weekend.

We plan to spend this week getting well so we can enjoy next weekend in San Diego. Our friend Damon will be there from Texas. And we’re planning to drive down with James and possibly Alvin to hang out with Chuck and Mari. It should be fun and hopefully the weather will cooperate.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. christao408 says:

    Jackie forgot the mushrooms!!!???   Oh, NOOOOOOO!
    “Vantage Point” sounds like “24” meets “Memento”.

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