We had a nice weekend that included cutting down a tree, and napping on our hammock. Not a bad weekend.

Very late Friday night (around 3am) my friend Yvonne and her dad, Mike, arrived to sleep for a couple of hours before heading to a corporate event at the Anaheim Convention Center. They had to wait until Yvonne’s husband, Kevin, was finished with his work before they could leave. They dropped him off at a hot rod event in Bakersfield while on their way down. They made such good time driving down that Bill and I both wondered if she just shoved him out the door when they drove through Bakersfield.

Saturday morning Bill and I got some work done in the backyard. We borrowed a chainsaw from Louie’s dad and Bill began cutting up our apricot tree. It must have been some of the hippy blood in me or my Native California-ness, but I felt a little bit of sadness in cutting down the tree. But it had to be done. It’s somewhere around fifty years old and only produced one apricot last year. More importantly, it’s seriously infested with ants and slowly dying. At first we thought it was termites causing the damage, bust discovered ants as large chunks of bark were pulled away. As we cut away large sections, we could see that the ants were living and breeding inside the core of the tree. We spent most of the afternoon cutting up the branches and separating out the wood that we would save for our smoker. Eventually we both fell asleep on our hammock with tired and fatigued shoulders and arms. Around five, Yvonne and Mike returned and we watch some Ninja Warrior before heading out to dinner. We planned on taking them to Lucilles, especially since a new one has opened about five minutes from home. But the crowd of people waiting was discouraging and instead we took them to our favorite, Sweetee Thai. When we were done, Yvonne and Mike headed home.

On Sunday Bill and I were back working on the apricot tree. As we worked, hiring someone else to cut everything down and into smaller pieces sounded very enticing. We ended up napping on the hammock again. It’s rather convenient. I’m guessing we will have to hire a professional to take the stump away. Grandma Reeves once told me that dynamite works best… I wonder where I can get some…

In today’s paper, I’m in color! No chapters over the weekend.

Chapter 6 Teaser:

Chapter 6:


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  1. stebow says:

    Awesome! Color is always great!The apricot tree was history before you cut it down. No need to feel guilty. You can always plant something else and feel very green. ;-D

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