Today is the Ides of March, well… for another six minutes it is. The weather today certainly gave me the feeling that there was something to beware. The winds were chilly and gusting with spots of thunder clouds here and there fighting with the sunshine. It never actually rained and if you were out of the wind, it was quite warm. Odd. Seems like Mother Nature is trying desparately to remind us that Summer isn’t here yet.

I had planned to spend the weekend up in Newark, but sold-out flights kept me home. Bill was already up there on Thursday for work, so he just stayed for the weekend. I spent the day cleaning and trying to reorganize a bit. Bill and I have tried pretty hard to keep our clutter organized throughout our small house. Our office is quite small and Bill’s desk is significantly bigger than mine. Well, mine isn’t really a desk, it’s a 30″ by 20″ shelf, with a smaller second shelf that holds my computer. I have a small drafting table that I use to draw at, and my printer is on a smaller rolling shelf under that table. For the past two years I’ve done my best to keep my bills and other random papers organized in neat little stacks… I have no drawers. I got a little fed up today and took a trip to The Container Store in Costa Mesa. That place is pretty cool with storage solutions for anything you can think of. I got some great ideas on how to better organize our office closet, our kitchen pantry and the walk-in closet in our bathroom. All of which are in dire need of proper shelving. I bought a long and skinny shelf that has five mesh drawers that pull out to store bills and other important papers. It sits flush in between my desk and the wall.

Kind of like this, but with much shallower drawers:

I’m pretty happy with it. I also picked up some large flat boxes to store my watercolor paintings. The presentation books theiy’re in now won’t last. If we had the space, I’d love to get one of those flat storage dressers like this:

Alas, it’ll have to be in our next house…

I recently finished Phillipa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl and The Queen’s Fool. Both were pretty good, and. I’m looking forward to seeing The Other Boleyn Girl in when it’s out on DVD. It was quite easy to envision Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn and Scarlet Johannsen as her sister Mary Boleyn. It was interesting to me that the king was so consumed with producing an heir that he didn’t really care what happened to his country. And six wives later… The Queen’s Fool was interesting as well as it was told by a fictional character living and serving Henry VIII’s daughters Mary and Elizabeth. The girl, who hides the fact that she is Jewish, is torn because she adores Queen Mary as a mother figure, and has tremendous respect for the cunning Elizabeth. This author has written many books surrounding the times of the Tudor court. She has written a novel about the early life of Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s first wife, and a novel about Anne of Cleves, his fourth wife… I wonder if she’ll write novels for all of his wives.

I’m hoping to get some work done in the backyard tomorrow, if the weather cooperates. I picked up a few tomato plants today: beefsteak tomatoes, yellow brandywine tomatoes, persimmon tomatoes and copia striped tomatoes. I also picked up some French lavender. It a good hardy plant to have in the yard. Plus, I love the smell, it’s a childhood comfort smell to me. Now I just have to decide where to put it.

I need a new book to read…


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  1. jackietebow says:

    I have “Son of a Witch” if you would like to read it. Its the next book after “Wicked.” I have not had a chance to read it yet because of all the homework I have. So you can read it if you’d like.

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