It was a quiet weekend and it’s been a quiet week thus far. On Monday evening Bill and I had dinner with two co-workers of his who work in the People Department, Elizabeth and Julia. I’d met both of them before and we all had a wonderful dinner at Lucilles. I’m still eating the leftovers. We might not have had any corned beef, but I did see a few people at the restaurant order green beer.

Last night Bill and I drove out the The Staples Center in Downtown LA to see the San Jose Sharks beat the LA Kings. It’s the second time we’ve been able to see the Sharks play in LA, and both times, we’ve been surrounded by fellow Sharks fans. I never was a big hockey fan until a neighbor gave us a pair of extra Sharks tickets about six or seven years ago. After seeing it live and in a place that has a very enthusiastic fan base, I was hooked. I’m still learning the rules of the game and how the fouls work… or don’t, but I’m enjoying it every chance I get.

I’m going to try and spend the weekend in the Bay Area… if there’s an empty seat for me. Our friend’s Damon and Susan will be in town and we’re going to try and spend at least one meal with them. I’m sure we’ll try to spend Easter with family, maybe for brunch or an early dinner. It’s Easter! Jesus is coming back! Hide the eggs!

I got a hilarious video on my cell phone from James the other day. Logan is talking all the time now and has his own pronounciation of many words. My name is Ah-kiss. Glasses: grasses. Airplane: uh-plane. Truck: cuck. I guess he was in the car and Kristen video taped him mis-pronouncing truck, and using an ‘f’ instead. When she first heard it she almost died laughing. (thankfully they were at home away from the ears of strangers.) When he started saying it again she got out the camera. Instead of telling Logan that the word is bad she questioned him, sounding like she didn’t know what he meant, until he said it right. I wish I could have been there. ;-D I guess he was “talking” to James on the phone the other day and said “I fuck” to James. Kristen seems to think he was talking about a fork. We really don’t swear around him, so he’s just piecing sounds together in his little mind. Hilarious.

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  1. christao408 says:

    “from the mouths of babes…”

  2. oldpartner says:

    Ah yes kiddies. They do pick up the strangest things. I commute with both Ava and Emily. I tend to “talk to the traffic.” One day near dawn, I was cut off by a car without its lights on. I commented apparently not under my breath enough “what a jackass.” Emily immediately questioned what a jackass was. I said someone who drives with their lights off. From that point on any car she saw she said “I see a jackass!” I corrected her to say that we should use the term donkey instead of jackass since it is a nicer word and has the same meaning. To this day when she sees a car with its lights off at dawn or dusk she yells “I see a donkey.” Hard to explain when you have someone else in the car.Kevin

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