I was finally able to spend a weekend in the Bay Area, and it happened to be a holiday weekend.

I flew up Friday evening and Bill and James picked me up. We then picked up Alvin and had dinner at Claim Jumper. I’m not a huge fan of that restaurant mainly because the portions are ridiculously big, but there aren’t many restaurants open at 10:30 in the East Bay anymore. And I refuse to go to Dennys. No offense to the chain, but the ones I’ve visited have always been a disappointment. Dinner was delicious with a lot of talk about work. James’ new job has been going really well as he gets used to arriving ay 5am every morning. He’s taking BART right now and enjoying a few snippets of sleep on the way in every morning.

Saturday morning we drove out to Dublin to have dim sum with our friends Damon and Susan. Bill’s cousin found a relatively new dim sum restaurant in Dublin behind the large shopping center off of Hacienda. The food was delicious as was the service. It was obvious to us at the beginning that this place would be good: when we arrived at 10:45am, there were seventeen parties on the list before us. The list got even longer after we arrived and we learned later than they begin serving dim sum at 9am on the weekends. We had a great early lunch with Damon, Susan, Alvin, James, Bill and myself.

Saturday evening we had dinner at Cattlemen’s in Newark. It was a rare opportunity for all of us to have a nice family dinner. Well… almost all of us, Jackie was working and was our server. As she was trying to tempt us with the silly plastic desserts, we snapped a photo to send to Grandma and Grandpa Tebow congratulating them on their 65th wedding anniversary.

Happy Anniversary!

And Jackie is playing with the plastic desserts.
It was a delicious dinner with all of us having some sort of steak and Patrick having the rack of lamb.

Sunday morning I went with Bill and James to couple of car dealerships. I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger and get a new car. I have a set budget and a few different cars I plan to test drive. Yesterday, I just wanted to sit in a few as we really didn’t have time for test driving. We visited the Saturn dealer to check out their new line of cars that are modeled after Opels. They look nice and a lot of design flaws that I didn’t like in their previous models have been corrected. But I still wasn’t that impressed with the car based on the prices. Next we visited the Mazdas. I really like the look of the Mazda3 5-door and I wanted to sit in one. It was quite comfortable and it was obvious that this felt much more solid and better made than the Saturn I had just sat in… and it was a couple thousand dollars cheaper. It’s not the only factor that I’ll base my decision on, but it was something to think about. The salesman was friendly and not overly pushy… and he offered us $1000 below invoice on the Mazda3 we were looking at. It’s a pretty good deal, but we weren’t there to buy a car, just to look. But, we’ll take that info with us, along with his business card, to the Mazada dealer down here. Next we stopped at the Honda dealer to look at the new Civics. I’ve never been a huge fan of Civics, mostly because of the sheer number of them on the road. Maybe the artist in me doesn’t want to own one of the most popular 4-door sedans out there. And perhaps the fact that they are near the top of the list of the cars most likely to be stolen in California… but I’m keeping my options open. If we can get a great deal on a Civic, then I’d be happy to buy it. They have great gas mileage and have a pretty good resale value. We’ll look a bit more seriously in the coming weeks and see what we end up buying.

We celebrated Easter at Mom and Dad’s house along with Jan and Mark and Grandma Reeves. Mom made a roasted ham that was really delicious. Jan made delicious scalloped potatoes. The weather was surprisingly warm, around 75 degrees, and many of us ate outside. Thinking back, it’s probably the warmest Easter we’ve had in a long time. For dessert Jan made individual chocolate souffles. This was her first time making more than a couple and we’re always happy to be guinea pigs for her. They really turned out delicious, but just a tad underdone. It probably would have been better to bake a few at a time instead of all eleven at once.


Shortly after lunch, Bill and I headed to the airport. We shared a pizza when we got home as we were too tired to cook.

The weather is still deciding whether it wants to be Spring or Summer as the temps were in the low 90s yesterday. It’s sunny and in the mid 80s today and I’m itching to be outside instead of in my cubicle. I’ll probably try to leave a little early today.


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  1. jackietebow says:

    Can you send me those pictures you took at Cattlmens…I would like to have them…they are cute.hehe

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