Last night Patrick and his friend Sydney flew down to spend a couple of days with us. We got tickets to see the LA Galaxy home opener against the San Jose Earthquakes at the Home Depot Center. We’re definately not LA Galaxy fans, even with David Beckham on the team, but we were there to support our Earthquakes in their first game back in the MLS after being gone for a couple of seasons. The weather was pleasant and the stadium ss really awesome for soccer with very few bad seats.

We arrived a few minutes late mostly because we parked at one end of the campus and ended up in the furthest parking lot from the will call windows. We sat down just as David Beckham scored his first MLS goal with an assist from Landon Donovan. A few minutes later Donovan scored with an assist from David Beckham. And the Earthquakes played like crap. They were unorganized and flat footed, disappointing really. But, alas, they’re a new team… sort of. When we got home we rewound our DVR to watch the first few minutes of the game and were happy to see that the Earthquakes came out really strong. They even scored in the first few minutes only to have the goal called back because a player was offside… although with the replay, I question who was really offisde.

The view from our seats.

A missed opportunity by the Earthquakes.

Beckham running up to a free kick on the far side of the field. He may not be the best player in the world… but his accuracy and consistancy when placing the ball in the perfect location is really exciting to see.

A Beckham corner kick… I would imagine the camera in his face would be a bit distracting…

This photo is for Bill’s friend and co-worker Mark, who works in PR and marketing for jetBlue. Bill has been bugging him for a few years to sponsor an MLS team. Now the price of sponsorship has gone way up and Delta got the LA Galaxy… think of all the new fans who started watching when high profile players started showing up… The sign could’ve shown the jetBlue logo! :::shaking fist:::


Because it was the season home opener for the LA Galaxy there was a fireworks show immediately after the game. Of couse it was displayed over the south end of the stadium… behind us. So, we watched it as we walked to the car.

After the game we had a late dinner at a tiny restaurant where Bill and I love to eat in nearby Gardena. It’s called Azuma and it’s an “izakaya” style Japanese restaurant… essentially, a Japanese pub. They specialize in small dishes served tapas-style meant to be eaten with copious amounts of beer and sake. While Patrick and Sydney enjoyed the beer, we all shared plates of okonomiyaki (Osaka-style savory pancake), bacon-wrapped asparagus, thinly sliced short ribs (galbi), seafood croquette, broiled salmon collar and omelet fried rice. The fried rice is a favorite of ours with relatively traditional fried rice mixed with ketchup and topped with a thin, plain omelet. Even though I never had it as a kid, it tastes like comfort food. Sydney remembered her mom making ketchup fried rice when she was a little girl in Hawaii. The food was wonderful and we had a good time talking until the restaurant was ready to close.

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