This weekend was tiring, but we got a lot done. Bill was in Ft. Lauderdale, Richmond, Washington DC and Oakland all week, and he arrived home Saturday evening. I tried to get a lot of cleaning done while he was gone. Some stuff I just don’t like to do when I’m by myself… especially if it involves a chain saw or going into the attic. We cleaned up our patio and it’s almost to the point where I’d be willing to eat out there. Our patio leaks a lot when it rains, so everything was covered in a layer of grime. It’s getting better now and we’re talking about re-doing the patio this summer. We spent some time chatting with our neighbor Glen. He has lived in his house for fifty years and is planning to sell in the coming weeks and move somewhere closer to the desert. His wife passed away about five months ago and Bill and I were really sad that we’d never met her. Glen is always out and about in his yard and with our fences only five feet high we chatted often… mostly about yard stuff. He was the one who told us about pruning the Jacaranda tree and he gave us advice that essentially saved our orange tree from certain death. When we first moved into our house, his wife never came outside, so we thought Glen lived alone, except for his two tortoises, Dot and Dot Dot. He mentioned his wife once or twice, but we never got a chance to meet her. Glen has been a wonderful neighbor and we’ll miss him. Hopefully our new neighbors will be good people.

Next weekend is the big move. I’ll fly out to Richmond, meeting Alvin and James in New York. Bill will be flying in from Ft. Lauderdale as he still has some interviews to complete. Hopefully the moving truck will be ready and we can get it loaded quickly. Fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly.

Because of the positive responses I received from Sara’s birthday dance. I’ve decided to share the one I created for Bev’s birthday back in March. I also sent it to Krista when I found out she was having another baby… an appropriate happy dance:


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