Whew! What a weekend.

Bill and I flew to Washington DC on Friday night and met up with James and Alvin who flew in from Oakland. We picked up a car rental and made our way south to Richmond, it’s about a two hour drive. We picked up the moving truck and met Kristen and Logan at Bob Evans for breakfast. Logan thought the moving truck was pretty awesome, especially when he got to sit in the driver’s seat. Logan’s word for truck is “cuck,” which often sounds like cock. So when he started associating the big truck with Daddy, many bad jokes insued for us. hehehe.

After breakfast we went to the house to begin loading up the truck. A lot of packing had already been done before we arrived, so most of the day was spent loading the truck. Kristen and I finished packing a lot of the kitchen and Logan’s toys.


Logan wanted to go up and down the ramp… all day…

Later in the afternoon we took Logan to Deep Run Park just so we could be out of the way when the boys began loading the furniture. We spent some time chasing Logan around the park, letting him do pretty much anything as it was going to be his last visit to this park. It was amazing to me to see just how much the park had changed in just one month. When I last visited there wasn’t much on the trees, but the weather was still cold too. On Sunday the trees were all green and the dogwood was in full bloom. It was really beautiful. And the weather was actually pleasant when you were in the shade.

Trying to high-five me on the swing.

Trying to poke Mommy…

Chillin on the see-saw with me



This was so funny… he tried to blow on a dandelion and he got a little too close and had them stuck to his lip.


Since it was pretty hot outside, we headed for a local mall that has fountains for kids to run through. It was lots of fun to watch Logan get soaked and really have a great time. We hadn’t planned on going here when we left the house, so Logan got soaked in his diaper and denim shorts. It was hilarious watching his walk turn into a waddle as his diaper swelled up. 

At first he was really aprehensive and didn’t want to get wet…

Then he finally realized how it worked and went at it. Kristen and I were able to just sit down and watch. It was so much fun to watch him play.


I took a lot of photos of him playing and it was really difficult to pick a few of the best.


When the sun moved behind the buildings and put the fountains in the shade the the whole area got colder. When Logan couldn’t stop shivering and his lips started to turn blue, it was time to go. He whined a little and proceeded to move to the middle of the fountains thinking we wouldn’t go in after him.

We spent the night at Colin and Tara’s house since all of the furniture was now in the truck. Colin and James
have been friends since college and when James and Kristen first moved
to Richmond, they lived with Colin while they saved for house. Colin
married Tara about three years ago and they have an adorable baby girl
named Lily who turns one next week and is almost walking. On the way to their house the clouds and fog moved in and we saw lightning on the horizon. By the time we arrived it had started to sprinkle and the thunder and lightning was striking every minute or so. During dinner we listened to one of the biggest thunderstorms I’d ever heard pass through. It was awesome. We all shared
a few dozen wings from a place called bw3. The wings are delicious and they have over a dozen different kinds of
sauces. I’m a fan of the boneless wings and the mini corn dogs. Yum. We
all crashed early as four of us were functioning on almost no sleep in the
past 36 hours.

Sunday morning we were up and out the door by
6:30am. (I was quite proud.) We headed north towards Annandale to have
lunch with James’ family before we boarded our flight.

For some reason he wanted to use his bunny as a pillow. Sometime he’s named “bun-bun.”

James’ mom
cooked a delicious lunch for us of spicy marinated pork, beef, kim-chi,
some sort of pickled cucumber dish, pickled bean sprouts and salmon
sashimi. James’ mom’s cooking is quite famous in their community.
James’ mom and his aunts made all of the food for James and Kristen’s
wedding a few years ago… for a couple hundred people! Even at that
quantity the food was amazing with many guests taking home to-go boxes.
We enjoyed lunch with James’ mom, aunt, uncle and his brother, Jackson.
We had a really good time as Logan suddenly became shy, but he still
remembered how to say Grandma in Korean, “hominee.”

Logan really liked the bean sprouts…

Around one
we arrived at Dulles Airport and Bill and James walked us through
security… which was interesting with Logan and all of his peripherals
and we had Kristen’s cat, Kitty, in her carrier. We made it through
with no problems and arrived at our gate. Logan got a sudden urge to
run around, so James chased him around the terminal while we watched…
happy that he was getting it all out now, instead of a couple of hours
into the flight. We lucked out and got a row to ourselves with Logan
sitting at the window. The flight was surprisingly short at just over
five hours and practically the whole cabin laughed as the pilot
announced that the current temperature in Long Beach was 102. Grrrreat.
Logan enjoyed playing with the headphones, playing peek-a-boo with the
passengers behind us and opening and closing the window shade. Kristen
tried to get him to take a nap a few times with no sucess, there was
just too much noise. I’m pretty sure if we’d had his carseat with us on the plane, he might
have slept a little. But we didn’t know if we’d have a seat for him as
we were boarding, so we had to check it. It worked out alright as he was big enough to just sit on the seat with his seat belt on when we hit some turbulance. He started crying a little as we were in final
descent mostly because he was very sleepy and dying to get off the plane.


We arrived just before 5pm and hit the grocery store before heading home. Logan had his dinner and went to bed… after he successfully pulled the tires off of Bill’s CHP model car. hehehe. Kristen and I went to bed pretty early too.

Since it’s going to be pretty hot this week, we have plans to buy a sprinkler for Logan to play in… stay tuned for some goofy photos.

The boys hit the road today at precisely 1:42pm. They had
to take care of some paperwork for the house and have lunch at Bob
Evan’s one more time.
I’ll track them as they drive across the country. Alvin’s sister lent
them a GPS tracking thingy that sends me an email letting me know where
they are. It’s pretty cool. I’ll update throughout the week.

Bill sent me a text message that he found a house for sale in West Virginia: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, appliances included and on 2 and a half acres… $80,000.

On a separate topic:

While I wasn’t really upset to have to drop out of my event at the Big Sur Marathon because of this move. I was sad to miss Patrick finish his first marathon. Thankfully lots of family was there to see his cross the finish line. I knew he didn’t care what place he finished, he just wanted to finish under four hours.

And he did:

Dad informed us that the time on the clock in the image was the “gun time.” Patrick’s actual time or “Chip Time” as recorded by the electronic chip he was wearing was 3:52:53.
He finished 524 out of 3192 overall. 419 out of 1872 men.  66 out of 241 men ages 25-29.
That’s pretty awesome for his first marathon, right on!


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  1. stebow says:

    Welcome back to the West Coast Kristen and Logan. Can’t wait to have the whole family back where you belong. ;-D

  2. kristalucas says:

    i’m exhausted just reading that! packing, moving, flying with a baby, marathons… tell patrick congrats!!

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