Given the amount of traveling we both have done in the past six weeks, Bill and I decided to stay home this Mother’s Day weekend. We were due for a break. Although we missed what looked like a wonderful BBQ at Jan and Mark’s house on Sunday. I’m sure Mom will post pictures in her blog sometime soon. And I hope she enjoys the Neil Diamond tickets she got.

We’ve been in a browsing mode for the past few months looking for a new car for me. My ten-year-old Jetta is still running just fine, but it has random cosmetic issues that have plagued the car since I got it. Plus, I’m tired of driving a black car in Southern California with no air conditioning. We spent the weekend test driving a handful of cars and evaluating what features and options we’re looking for. On Thursday evening I test drove the Nissan Altima. This car had more bells and whistles than I could have imagined, and it was comfortable and fun to drive. Even though the salesman tried his best to give us a good offer, he couldn’t come down to the ridiculous number Bill gave him. It was funny as we commented on what nationalities tend to be the toughest negotiators… Chinese men were on the list. I think Bill is using that stereotype to his advantage.

Throughout the weekend I drove the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Mazda3 5-door, Hyundai Sonata, Chevy Malibu and the Nissan Altima again, but at a different dealer. All of the cars had their own pros and cons, and since we’re going to be spending so much for a car, I felt we had the right to nit-pick. The Mazda3 is the one that isn’t really comparable to the rest. It was a really fun car to drive, it’s sporty and has a lot of pep but it’s smaller than we’re looking to buy. The idea is to have this car be the one that replaces Bill’s car when it’s time buy a “family car” in a few years. I was attracted to the Mazda3 by it’s looks and the price, but it’s not really what we’re looking for. Of course there are other car manufacturers who make a mid-sized 4-door sedans, but all of these were within our price range and had enough good reviews to tempt us to take a test drive. I figure there’s no need for me to go into details about how I felt about each car. For one, it’ll make for pretty boring reading and I don’t want to completely diss a car that someone may own and really love.

Last night we walked over to Mayfair Park near our house as Lakewood’s annual Pan American Festival was wrapping up. They have a carnival every year and lot’s of local non-profits man food booths to raise money for their organizations. There were also a variety of live performances that we could hear from home. We got there too late to check out the food booths, but we were able to get a bag of delicious Kettle Korn and a couple of carnival corn dogs. The food is the only reason we visit carnivals anymore. Neither of us are comfortable getting on a ride that was assembled in less than twenty-four hours, so we just walk around eating our delicious and over-priced corn dogs watching parents struggle with their kids or teenagers daring each other to get on the scary rides. Each once in a while we’ll play a game… I’m pretty good throwing a dart at balloons, and Bill is pretty good at shooting out a target with a pellet gun. I’m also pretty good a hitting a target with a softball that dumps someone into cold water, but they don’t really have that one at carnivals anymore. We walked home and joked that the brisk walk probably canceled out the corn dogs we ate. We watched the latest Die Hard movie, Live Free or Die Hard and enjoyed the action sequences and witty writing, whilest leaving our brains in the other room.

All of the car talk led us to the hypothetical question of the day:

money was no issue, but you still had a job and a decent commute every
day, and you could own
any car in the world, what would that one car be?

Bill was able to answer right away with a BMW M5. I’m still thinking about it, but I’m leaning towards the M5 as well. I’d love to hear what everyone else would choose.


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  1. chuck says:

    Mercedes S65 AMG
    Because we all should drive a 612hp car at least once in our lives…

  2. jandsschultz says:

    AlexYou may want to look at the Honda CRV. It may have most of the features that you are interested in and would make a good “family” car plus it has some hauling capacity for the trips to Home Depot plus it is a bit higher that compact cars.Good luck, jerry

  3. oldpartner says:

    So you can tell which car Dad is interested in buying! Kevin and I both love our Honda’s. We’ve had 2 Accords and 1 Odyssey. All of them have held up very well. The 1992 Accord is still out and about. We sold it 2 years ago in G’ma S. auction and we saw it a few months ago driving near our neighborhood. If there is a vote, the Price’s vote for the Honda!

  4. christao408 says:

    Mercedes Smart car.  Easy parking and can make a u-turn in the space of a manhole cover.

  5. stebow says:

    My ultimate, no ceiling on price, no worries about affording repairs would be a Mercedes. I sat in one at the car show that was so quiet and luxurious. Not sure of the model number or naything but it was like the biggest they make and the pretiest.

  6. alextebow says:

    @jandsschultz – Thanks so much for the recommendation on the CRV. I really like it’s size and comfort and it’s within the price range we’re looking at. But the gas mileage is the deal breaker for me. It looks like people average 19 to 22 and I still drive over 35 miles a day with my commute. I’m looking to get closer to 30mpg with whatever car we decide to get. Thanks again!

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