It was a quiet week and a quiet weekend.

Bill worked in OAK on Thursday and Friday as the temperature was steadily climbing to boarderline unbearable. It’s kind of funny how I’ve been able to handle my car for the past ten years. My car is black and doesn’t have air conditioning. (Don’t ask why, as it’s a long and rather embarassing story about me being really naive in my first car-buying experience.) Over the years I’ve felt like I never had the money to afford buying a new car, so I’ve been able to rationalize that it’s really not that bad. Seriously! I’ve even had pretty long commutes in that car… like Palo Alto to San Francisco for school, then to Hayward for work in the same day. Now that I’m looking to buy a new car, I find driving my car in 90 degree heat simply unbearable. As I drive with the windows down, my hair flying wildly about, my clothes sticking to my body, me thanking God that I chose NOT to wear jeans today, I grow more and more impatient with my car. I even turned off the radio this morning thinking I might feel cooler with it off. (I didn’t) Now Bill wants to wait until the end of the month to buy my new car. I understand his reasoning, as the sales managers are more likely to give us a better price at the end of a month… but that’s eight more days of my commute! Oi. I hope I can last.

Saturday morning I flew up to OAK (all of the Friday flights were full) where we had a late breakfast at a place in Castro Valley called Doug’s Place. Joining us were James, Kristen, Logan, Vu and his son, Andrew. Andrew turns three next week, the same day as Patrick’s birthday. We learned that Doug’s Place is well-known to Castro Valley locals for their breakfast, specializing in omelets. Kristen remembered eating there once or twice back when they lived in Castro Valley. The food was delicious and we had a good time visiting with Vu, whom we don’t get to see often enough. After breakfast we headed back to Fremont and got Logan down for his nap. We all watched some TV including Thursday’s episode of Lost and debated different theories on where we thought the show was going to lead its characters. Bill didn’t even try to follow as he doesn’t watch the show. When Logan woke up, Bill and James had fallen asleep on the couch.


Kristen and I both thought it was too hot in the apartment for a nap, so we took Logan out to Lake Elizabeth for a walk. It was sunny and in the high 80s, so the park was full of families picnicing and playing. After the two-mile walk around the lake we hung around in the shade near the creek that flows nearby. I wanted to put my feet in the water and Logan was just content throwing rocks and sticks in the water.

Kristen tried to get him to splash around in the water… but it wasn’t going to happen.

He’s such a fickle kid… he loves baths but didn’t like a swimming pool. He loves playing in fountains, but didn’t like a sprinkler. WTF!

Later that evening we had dinner at a new Japanese restaurant in Newark. We met up with Mom and Dad, Bill’s parents, Patrick, Michael and Sara. This restaurant is a replacement for a sushi restaurant that failed a while ago. The location isn’t great. It’s located where Gubera’s Hof Brau used to be years ago. Gubera’s Pub is still next door, but nothing occupied the Hof Brau space for a long time. A few years ago a sushi restaurant moved in and didn’t last very long. Now it’s a trendy Japanese restaurant specializing in Shabu-shabu and American-ized sushi rolls. The food was good and there’s hope for the restaurant, as it was full when we left. I apologize for the lack of photos, I was so tired that Patrick, Michael and Sara were questioning whether there was some Long Island in my sweetened iced tea. There really wasn’t!

Bill and I had to cut Sunday short as the flights were pretty full all day. Everyone showed up for the 1:00pm flight so we had some time to kill before the 3:20pm flight. We ate lunch at the Gordon Biersch mini-restaurant in Terminal Two. JetBlue only flies out of Terminal One, but the food options are very limited. Southwest occupies all of Terminal Two and there are lots of new dining options there. I had a very tasty turkey carver sandwich on marble rye and Bill had a grilled bratwurst sandwich with mustard and kraut. We spent a little time people watching and noticed how Southwest is doing some pretty neat things to make traveling easier in the tech age. They have chairs and small tables that are equipped with multiple power outlets and USB ports for laptops and phone chargers. There is wireless internet available throughout the airport. It isn’t free, but hopefully it will be one day. I got the last seat on the 3:20pm flight with Bill in a jump-seat. We arrived about ten minutes early and were greeted with temps in the mid 80s and more humid conditions than in OAK. The humidity made the temp feel much warmer than it really was. We went to a Mazda dealership to test drive the Mazda6, but they are phasing out the 2008 models as the 2009s will be arriving in a few months, so they didn’t have model we wanted. We got groceries at Trader Joes and made a sausage, onion, tomato and pesto pizza for dinner. You can buy a hunk of pizza dough for about $1.29 at Trader Joes that’s pretty good. We made the pesto from scratch and the result was delicious. In hindsight it probably wasn’t a good idea to make a dinner that required the oven, it got pretty hot in our house.

It should be another quiet week with Bill working in OAK for a couple of days. We’ll be back in Newark this Memorial Day weekend for Patrick’s birthday.  I believe there will be much BBQ involved.

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