There really hasn’t been much to blog about, so I’ll talk about the weather.

We had temps in the low 90s last weekend and a bit of humidity. Within three days the temps were back down into the low 70s with a nice breeze and scattered clouds. There’s still some humidity in the air though. Last night the weather took a wicked turn with thunderstorms in many places throughout Southern California. A freeway was shut down in San Bernardino County because of hail. A couple of tornadoes touched down in Riverside County overturning a tractor-trailer and derailing a freight train that was parked. Parts of Orange County dealt with mudslides and flash floods. Most of the areas dealing with flash flooding and mudslides are areas that were charred from last Fall’s wildfires.

Boys and girls, that’s not snow!

Talk about a wacky way to start the holiday weekend! In Long Beach we had some scattered showers, gusting winds and clouds. That’s all. I had to put our hammock away. Woe is me.
This morning the weather looked and felt more like November than May. Still lots of dark clouds and blustery winds. I’m interested to see how the weekend turns out. Bill and I are going to try and fly up to the Bay Area this evening. We have a few more options now with three daily flights to San Jose. So, we’ll see what happens.

Tuesday night Bill flew home from OAK with a few co-workers. We all met up with them along with Louie and Nicole at the Yard House for dinner. The evening was really mild and we got a table on the patio that overlooks the harbor. I think I prefer sitting outside when it’s warm enough, the music isn’t so loud.

While we were waiting for a table we goofed off at a hat store near the restaurant… until they kicked us out.

Mmmmmm, spam.

Dinner was great as I got to meet a couple of Bill’s co-workers, Rich and Lisa, whom
he’s talked about before.  They both work in New York. Lisa works as a project manager and often works
with Bill and/or Louie when there’s a station opening or a gate move.
She and her husband visited Belgium recently and she was thrilled to
see a variety of Belgian beers on the menu. Rich works in IT Purchasing
and is Haitian. He was really hilarious going back and forth with silly
racial jokes between him, Louie and Bill. I guess it was a combination of the unusually warm evening weather and the fact that we were sitting on the patio, Rich and Lisa noticed a handful of native roaches roaming around on the floor. Rich was really freaked out and we all finished our meal with our feet up on the rungs of our chairs. The manager came over and apologized and took a round of drinks and the appetizer off our bill. Bill and I have eaten at this restaurant many times and have never had any problems. Plus, we were outside, we’re bound to see bugs at some point. It would have been different if we were eating inside. Eek.

After dinner Bill and I watched the Champions League Final match in Moscow. It had aired at 11:30am that morning. It was the first time that the final match was between two English teams and it happend to be two teams with a strong rivalry. All throughout the English Premier League, Manchester United and Chelsea battled for the top of the leader boards. The Premiere League was decided by one point with Manchester othe winner. It seemed to be fitting for Chelsea to have the opportunity to get revenge in the Champions League final. The game was pretty exciting to watch as it went into overtime with a 1-1 score. Overtime ended with no change in the score and the game was decided by kicks from the mark and a great save from Man United’s goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar. Someday, we’d like to see a match like this in person. Someday…


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