For once, it wasn’t a quiet weekend. We had a few quiet moments, but
most was spent running around the East Bay.

Bill and I flew into SJC, (San Jose) which
conveniently arrives just in time for dinner. James, Kristen, Logan and
Alvin picked us up and we had dinner at Krungthai in San Jose. Back when James and
Kristen first moved to the Bay Area (the first time) they lived in San
Jose and loved this restaurant. I had never been and we never made the
trek out there because we had a good Thai restaurant in Fremont.
Unfortunately the service was terrible and it took them fifteen minutes
to take our order and almost an hour for all the food to arrive. The
appetizer arrived first, but it arrived along with two of our entrees.
A little while later Kristen’s pad thai arrived. She was finished with
her food before our curries arrived. I don’t know if it’s a good thing
or not, but we liked the food so much, that it almost made up for the
crappy service. It shouldn’t work like that, right?

Hanging around with Logan outside
the restaurant. Earlier in the week, they got him some sunglasses. He
likes to wear them, but they don’t quite fit and hang at the edge of
his nose. He looks very dashing in them.

Saturday, we met up with James and
Kristen and Logan for lunch at Dino’s Grill in Newark. We like this place because it’s family-run, consistently good,
slightly greasy, diner food. I normally get either the gyro with french
fries or the grilled crab salad sandwich. I had a gyro and Kristen had
the crab salad sandwich, made with real crab meat. They tend to drench
their salads in dressing and the portions are a bit large, especially
if you order any of the pastas, but it’s a staple for

After lunch, Logan went down for a nap and we
hung around the apartment watching TV. Patrick came over after he was
finished with work and volunteered to babysit Logan for the afternoon
while the four of us went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I’ll wait
a while to write about my feelings about the film. I don’t want to
spoil it for anyone.

For dinner we met up with Mom
and Dad, and Jan and Mark at Ninkimono, the Japanese restaurant I wrote
about last week. The host was a bit overwhelmed when our party of eleven arrived with no reservation. But he recognized us from the
week before and gave us a table that was originally meant
for a large party that was thirty minutes late for their reservation.
We shared lots of sushi rolls, agedashi tofu and beer.

We discovered that Logan really
likes miso

I can’t remember what these rolls were. I know the top one was raw tuna and a deep red fish roe on top. The second one was topped with avocado and mango slices with flying fish roe. The bottom one here has deep fried oysters inside with avocado, julienned cucumber, and caviar on top.

This one was a baked seafood thing that was really delicious. It arrived to the table en flambé. You can’t see the flames in the picture…

Sunday morning we met up with James, Kristen, Logan and Alvin for breakfast at a restaurant that has been in Fremont for years, yet we’d never tried. Dino’s Family Restaurant (the first review on this Yelp link cracks me up, can you say disgruntled?) The service was warm, friendly and prompt. Our breakfast arrived quickly and showed no sign of sitting out. My pancakes were piping hot and delicious; light and fluffy too. Kristen said her omelet was delicious. I don’t know why we never ate here before. We definitely arrived just before a mad rush, as we were leaving there were probably a dozen parties in line and people waiting outside. Note: if you’re going to eat here on a Sunday morning, arrive before 10am.

After we dropped Alvin off at home and made a stop at ToysRUs for a birthday gift, we made our way to Chuck E Cheese’s in Newark for Andrew’s 3rd birthday party. Andrew is the youngest child of our friends, Vu and Polly. They also have a twelve year old daughter, Kathleen, who’s getting so tall and mature-looking that it’s freaking me out! I think Logan had a good time, although lots of kids, lots of lights, video games and noise was probably sensory overload for him. Sometimes he just wanted to sit on Mommy’s lap, other times he wanted to walk around.

He didn’t like the carousel, as he rounded the corner he was saying, “all done, all done,” which is his way of saying, “I really don’t like this.”

He seemed to enjoy just pushing buttons.

Eventually we found this kiddie basketball game where he enjoyed just throwing the basketballs. He never came close to making a basket, but he was content throwing the ball over and over. We went through seven or eight tokens worth on this game until it broke and let us play non-stop. It wasn’t keeping score or making any noises, but it was perfect for Logan.

I kept them in black and white because the light from the window was really harsh… I’m still working on fixing the color ones.


Even Andrew was having trouble dealing with all the hoopla. He spent most of the party at Mom’s side.

James holding a friend’s baby and telling Logan, “this baby is so much lighter, I think I’m going to trade up to the smaller model…” Baby Tyler was adorable with his round cheeks and hair that stuck straight up. We all had a good laugh learning why it says “T-Rex” on his pacifier… their last name is Rex. Get it?

Our group of Vu and Polly’s friends and family. Kathleen is hugging her brother on the right. All in all it was a fun party and everyone seemed to have a good time. We left before Chuck E. Cheese came out though, Logan would have freaked out.

After the party we all felt like we needed a nap. Logan napped and Kristen and I suspect that Bill snoozed as well… which he blames on their comfortable couch.  After Logan woke up from his nap, we all headed to Mom and Dad’s house for Patrick’s birthday party.

A happy boy, just up from his nap and telling Mommy all about the “buddies” on TV (Teletubbies).


Between my camera and Michael’s spiffy Sony digital SLR camera, we took lots of photos at Pat’s party. I’ll blog about it tomorrow.


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