Patrick joined us last Thursday for a fun-filled weekend of
house painting. We had originally thought to begin tilling the off-road
terrain that was once our front lawn, but we’ve come to the conclusion
that we need a pro to come in and haul away the top six inches of dirt.
Otherwise, we’d just be tilling the bermuda grass and crab grass seeds
deeper into the soil. Hopefully, we’ll get that taken care of sometime
this week.

This weekend’s project was to repaint the front, paneled portion of the house.
I forgot to take a true “before” photo, so here’s a picture of Bill’s
mom and me outside our house on Christmas Day 2005. The sun really
accents the peachyness of the front. Pay no attention to the excess of leaves on the lawn… it happens every winter. 

Since then, we’ve tamed the hibiscus plants and planted
geraniums in on either side of the porch. It’s hard to tell from this
image, but the middle of the porch and the steps are actually
carpeted… yeah, that’s gone too.

Here’s what we had done by the end of the day on Saturday. We
washed and primed all of the surfaces that would be painted this
weekend. We ripped off the carpet to reveal very ugly glue, and we’re
researching how we’ll scrape that off. We also removed the
wobbly iron railing that was attached to the porch. Please pay no attention to
the condition of the front lawn… it’s a work in progress.

Here’s the house after we finished painting the tan color.
It’s called “Pony Tail.” Eventually I want
to paint the entire house this color, but we didn’t have the time, the
tools, or the man/woman power to get it done as the rest of the house
is all stucco, and it’s chipping off in some parts. I’ve been told re-painting stucco requires a
thorough cleaning with a pressure washer. We also
plan to get a new screen door one of these days. The rusted iron
security door is quite a nuisence. The picture I have in my head has the glue
scraped up and a rustic, weathered tile installed along the entire
porch. I’m thinking it’s something we could totally DIY. I eventually
want to paint all of the white trim a pale cream color that really
looks nice with the tan, “Crescent Moon”. And I’m thinking of painting the side railings
and the shutters (on the right side window) “Thyme Green”… I should Photoshop it first to see how it’ll

This image from Lowes is my color inspiration. I’m not going to use the “Bread Basket” color, but I’d like to use the green that’s shown in the picture frame. We’ll see, I may change my mind.

On Monday we attached new house numbers and a new porch light.
We actually bought the new porch light last summer. But when we
went to remove the old one (that only came on when it wanted to) we saw
that the previous owner didn’t remove the light when they painted the
house… they just painted around it. Grrr. They did this EVERYWHERE in
our house. They didn’t even remove lightswitch plates! They never ever
used masking tape either. We know every color that this house was ever painted
just by looking at the edges. Oi… it’s frustrating. Anyway, when we were installing the light, we commented on how high the fixture is… we actually had to make some modifications to the top of the light because it was too tall. Just when I was going to place blame on the previous owner, I noticed that all of the houses on the street have a very high porch light. I guess in the 50s when these houses were being built, porch lights were pretty small.

In Monday’s photo, you’ll notice that the iron porch
railing that was sitting on the “lawn” is no longer there. Early Monday
morning Bill thought he heard someone knocking on the door about an
hour before our alarm. Then a minute later he heard someone messing
with the railing. I guess someone wanted it. That’s the amazing/odd
thing about our neighborhood… if you want to get rid of something too
big for normal garbage pick-up, just leave it out. Someone will take
it. It worked with our old loveseat. It worked for the big branches from
our tree pruning. We just have to be careful not to leave anything out
that we want to keep.

It was a tiring weekend but I’m really happy with the result. We were very grateful to have Patrick there to help, as he painted all off the areas near the top. We had some good food along the way too. This coming weekend Patrick will be back to help us work on installing new sprinklers in the front lawn… hopefully. James, Kristen and Logan will also spend the weekend with us. It should be lots of fun.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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3 Responses to

  1. ac325i says:

    woohoo! no more pink house!

  2. jandsschultz says:

    Color choices are great! The green will be exquisite.

  3. stebow says:

    looks fabulous! can’t wait to see it in person. love the colors. will go very well with a green lawn………

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