We had a scorcher of a weekend with Saturday topping out at 106. And our house, being without air conditioning, topped out at 95… inside! James, Kristen and Logan drove down for the weekend and we had some fun playing and driving from one air conditioned store or restaurant or mall to another. It was just too damned hot to cook.

James brought down his Xbox 360 and we played some Rock Band. We had a lot of fun learning just how difficult some songs are. Top of the list so far is Ballroom Blitz by Sweet. It was hilarious hearing Bill try to sing it. I struggled with Boston’s More Than A Feeling. Anything by Metallica is really difficult too. It’s such a fun game.

Saturday night the boys stayed home to play video games after Logan went to bed, and Kristen and I went to see Kung Fu Panda. As a fan of Jack Black, I thought it was really entertaining. I’d actually go and pay to see it again as I know Bill would like to see it.

Sunday morning we tried out a new restaurant in Long Beach called the Starling Diner. I think Bill found it on Yelp. At first we thought we had the wrong address as we were just yards away from the site, but we were in a very nice residential neighborhood. Just as we were discussing where else to go, it appeared. It’s really small and quaint and plainly obvious that it’s a locals place. It really doesn’t have the look or feel of a diner though. And the food is a bit more hoitytoity than your typical diner food, a little pricey, but not ridiculous. I thought it was still pretty darned good. I had a scramble with caramelized onions and pieces of slow-roasted pork. It was delicious. Bill had a scramble with smoked wild salmon and caramelized onions and a side of their polenta mashed potatoes. Kristen had a plate of crabcakes with scrambled eggs. James had the roast beef hash. A few of us also had their fresh-squeezed OJ… which Logan really liked. Overall the food was good, as was the service. I’d like to go back and have lunch there one of these days.

A little while ago Kristen picked up a couple of new CDs for Logan. And Bill and I are pretty much hooked on them. My favorite is a kids music CD by the band Barenaked Ladies, titled Snack Time. The tracks are hilarious and very catchy. My favorites include songs about ninjas, a tadpole turning into a frog, popcorn, the number 9, and a wacky alphabet song. The second CD is a variety of 1980s pop songs performed on a xylophone. I can’t remember the name of the CD. It’s funny, and oddly relaxing. The music put James to sleep.

Michael was kind enough to let us borrow his camera this past weekend,
but the battery died before I had a chance to upload the images to my
computer. So, they’ll have to wait until next week. Most of them are of
Logan… as my blog has become quite saturated with him. But, I did
take some pictures of the rest of us and I’ll post them next week.

We’re all buzzing today as our friend Mari has gone into labor. She and her hubby Chuck have been back and forth to the hospital twice since last night as her labor hasn’t progressed far enough to admit her. Chuck is trying to keep us updated. Good luck!


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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2 Responses to

  1. christao408 says:

    Wow, hope those temps decline a little before I get there!  =)
    Starling Diner sounds like an interesting place.  It is fun to find these hidden places, especially if they are gems.

  2. stebow says:

    Fingers crossed for Mari!!!

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