Work has had me busy this week, hence the lack of blogging. Our Independence Day Weekend was lots of fun. Bill and I flew to OAK on Friday morning and hitched a ride into Newark with Patrick as we arrived around the time he was finishing work.

Our Fourth of July BBQ was held at Mom and Dad’s house, as Newark is one of only five or six cities in the Bay Area that still allows “safe and sane” fireworks. Dad and I bought some fireworks at the booth run by the Newark Soccer Club. A few of us Tebows have worked the booth in the past as it’s still a major fund raiser for the club. Dad and I both commented that we’ve been out of it for so long, we didn’t recognize anyone there. Eventually Dad recognized the guy who helped us, a fellow coach.

Dinner was grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, a few different salads and a beautiful selection of fruit. Bill’s mom brought homemade egg rolls. A traditional 4th of July hor d’ouerve, she said.

After many parties that involved one of us blowing bubbles for Logan to play with, Bill and I bought a battery powered gun that blows bubbles the weekend before last. That quickly broke as bubble solution leaked into the battery compartment corroding the batteries. Doh. Kristen went a step further and bought an inexpensive bubble machine. Now, we just pour in the bubbles, turn it on, and let Logan play.

He definately had a lot of fun with the bubbles.

You can really see the difference in the depth of field between these two shots. The one on the right was taken with my point-and-shoot camera. The one on the left with Michael’s SLR camera… can you see why I want one?

Logan learned the words “barbeque” and “firework.” Both which he can both pronounce very well. If you ask him “What do fireworks say?” He says BOOM!

Bill is laughing so hard here because Kristen had Logan say “different truck.” Which comes out “effin cock.” I’m not sure what’s worse, Logan’s hilarious mispronounciation of some words, or us asking him to say them to because is sounds funny. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

Getting Logan ready for bed.

Logan went to bed at his normal time and slept through ALL of the fireworks. And, he even slept through us taking pictures of him asleep… with the flash.

For dessert Patrick made an amazing bread pudding.

It was really delicious. He did a fabulous job on it and, as you can plainly see, it wasn’t runny at all! We also made homemade vanilla ice cream in the old crank ice cream maker that belonged to Grandpa Reeves. It’s really starting to fall apart and every year we say, this one will probably be the last… but it seems to survive.

Most of us ate our dessert outside to watch the fireworks.

I wanted to take some photos of the fireworks with a slow shutter speed, but the CF card filled up and I only got one. At least it isn’t blurry.

Saturday we hung around James and Kristen’s place while waiting for Logan’s big boy bed to arrive. There was a recall on Logan’s crib, so Kristen decided that now was a good time to transition him to a twin bed. And the replacement crib will be for their next baby… arrival unknown. It’s kind of stupid how the crib company is handling the recall. Customers will be without a crib for about two weeks. What are the families with younger children supposed to do, buy another crib?

Anyway, Kristen was excited to purchase adorable bedding for her son, but still sad because he’s growing up. It’s been a bittersweet time for her with him turning two and learning how to say complete sentences. The bed was delivered while Logan was napping. After he woke up James and Bill took him to Jamba Juice and Kristen and I set up the bed.

For dinner we ate at Outback Steakhouse. Logan was facinated with the crocodiles adorning the walls.

Later that evening it was interesting putting him to bed. At first he showed no interest in sleeping in his big boy bed and he commenced with his normal professional stalling tactics…

He got a hold of Bill’s Blackberry and text messaged Louie a couple of times and almost dialed a couple of calls.

Then he wanted to play the drums like Daddy does…

Tapping the drumsticks together over his head.

Eventually Kristen got him into bed, and he immediately wanted to go to his crib. Then she reintroduced him to all of the stuffed animals… “Bun-bun, Shark, Nemo, Blue Bun-bun, Doggie, Bear, and Blue Blanket… see, they want to sleep in the big boy bed….”

Stalling some more.

A little while later he was out. And sleeping on his bun-bun instead of the pillow. The next day Kristen told us that he woke up around 2am and wanted to go back to his crib. By now he’s slept through the night in his big boy bed. I think the crib will be gone in a week, so he won’t have a choice on where to sleep.

Sunday we slept in late and took our time getting the day going. We picked up sandwiches at Munchner Haus Deli in Fremont. I’ve talked about this place before, the sandwiches there are really delicious. I had the German bologna, Bill had liverwurst, James had grilled bratwurst, Kristen had turkey. We ate while Logan napped. Patrick came over after a little while and babysat Logan while the four of us went to see Hancock. I really liked the film, enough that I’d go see it again. Perhaps the superhero Hancock is a metaphor for the United States… a superhero who helps everyone out, but they hate him. Nah, it’s just a Fourth of July action flick. After the film, Bill and I headed to SJC to board our flight back home. It was a fun three-day weekend that simply went by too fast. 

I have more photos from Michael’s camera from the past few weeks… stay tuned for those.


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  1. christao408 says:

    It is all about depth of field.  That’s a key element that distinguishes snapshots from photos.  And it is so much harder to control with point and shoot cameras.

  2. alextebow says:

    @christao408 –  Yep. And it’s next to impossible when taking photos of a toddler with a point & shoot camera.

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