Yesterday evening Bill and I returned home from running some errands and we saw a couple of people in our front yard with shovels. Our next-door neighbor is taking our dirt! Bill immediately got a shovel and started helping them out. At first we thought they were only going to take a couple of garbage cans full, but it looks like they might take all of it. It’s such a relief! Bill and I had just been discussing the different options we had both been researching. We’re not sure if we have a city dump or how much it would cost. Renting a dumpster in our city is very expensive and we’re only allowed to rent the big ones, not the half-sized ones. We were even giving thought to dumping the dirt in an empty field in the middle of the night. I wonder if that’s illegal… Either way, our dirt problems are hopefully being solved and we’ll once again be making progress on our front lawn.

We had a fun-filled and busy weekend. This being the beginning of a busy bunch of weekends over the next couple of months. Saturday morning James, Kristen, Logan and Alvin flew down to spend the weekend with us. We drove out to Pomona where Bill and James were participating in a fun shooting event put on by some sort of Asian Police Officers Association. (I can’t remember what it’s called) Our friend Ronnie, who’s a Sergent at LGB, participates in this event every year. A bunch of law enforcement officers from different local and federal agencies and their families get together and have a non-competitive shoot that’s laid out how a real cometitive shoot would be. They get some practice in and they compete against themselves. Then, everyone has a big BBQ afterwards. We didn’t stay for the BBQ this year, but the boys had a good time, so we’ll probably stay for the whole thing next year. Kristen and I somehow ended up as the unofficial babysitters for half a dozen kids. It was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time.

Logan didn’t quite get the concept of “Pick a Hand.” He kept looking at his own hand.

The girls were painting their nails with a Pepto-Bismol-ish pink color.

When the shooting first started, Logan was startled and needed some hugs.

He actually got used to it pretty quickly and put his fingers in his ears. I think he was doing it because it made Kristen and me laugh.

This little boy was really cute and was adamant that he didn’t want to share his cheese puffs with the other kids. I’m sorry I never caught his name.

I wonder what his dad does for a living…

the before-lunch snack… I guess.

We were far enough away from the shooting that we really didn’t need hearing protection. But a couple of pair of ears were passed around anyway.

Sometime in November, there will be an actual shooting competition and I believe Bill and James are planning to attend. Shoud be fun.

Immediately following the event, we left before they began BBQ-ing to make the drive to visit with Chuck, Mari, Damon and Susan. Damon and Susan were visiting from Texas (so Damon could attend Comicon, I think). It gave us an opportunity to visit with everyone and to see Chuck and Mari’s 4-week old son, Oliver for the first time. Sadly, we were tired from the drive and for some reason I wasn’t my normal picture-taking self. So I don’t have any photos of any of us with Oliver.

Here’s Susan and Chuck trying to get Logan excited about a puzzle. All Logan wanted to do was dump out the pieces and then put them back in the box… over and over. He’s really not a kid who plays with anything that requires sitting still.

We hung around Chuck & Mari’s house for a little while. I got to hold Oliver for a little bit. He’s really adorable with lots of hair that sticks straight up. Even though he has a lot of Chuck’s features, you can see he’s not all Chuck. He still has a greyish-blue color to his eyes. Kristen and Mari both said that they’ll eventually turn brown. It would be cool if he kept his blue eyes.

I thought I saw Chuck taking some pictures, maybe he’d be willing to share. We had a late lunch of New York style pizza. I was surprised how good it was. I really love New York style pizza and I’ve never had a good verision of it in California. The place is called Flippin’ Pizza, and I was sad to read that they’re only in northern San Diego county. Bill and I might have to drive down there more often.

Around 5ish, we started the drive back to Long Beach. Logan slept in the car for a while…

James loves taking pictures of Logan asleep. He says it’s for the slide show at his wedding. It’s going to be a LONG slide show.

I’ll post more tomorrow.


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  1. christao408 says:

    Thank goodness you found an adoptive home for your dirt.  I was afraid you’d ask me to take a few bags of it back to Bangkok with me!

  2. stebow says:

    Woohoo! Dirt gone! Now the lawn can happen.

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