Just wanted to let everyone know that all is well in the Southland. We had an earthquake this morning at 11:42am that registered 5.8 on the Richter Scale. My office building rolled quite a bit, (as it was built to do) and we all wandered outside to wait it out. It was centered about two miles from Chino Hills, CA. That’s about forty miles from Torrance where I work. But it’s only thirty miles from home, where Bill is today. He said our house shook quite a bit. I believe he’s doing a walkaround to make sure there isn’t any damage.

According to the immediate news reports, there doesn’t seem to be any damage or injuries.

You can read the specs of the quake here:

Recent Earthquakes for Los Angeles County

If you click on the biggest square, you get the details about the big quake. You can also see how many little aftershocks have happened since then.

I found it pretty exciting… but I know that a few co-workers who aren’t California natives didn’t share my excitement.


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  1. stebow says:

    So like a Californian… Hohumm…

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