Today is business as usual after yesterday’s fifteen seconds of excitement. Bill said there were a few rattling picture frames and a few items that were leaning against a wall fell over. Thankfully, no damage for us.

Our neighbor hasn’t been back to take more dirt like we thought he would. Perhaps he’s waiting until the weekend, or perhaps he has all he needs. We’re not sure. So, we still have about 2/3 of the pile in our front yard. We’re slowly loosing our optimism and back to talking about other options.

Here are a few photos from last Sunday. James woke up with Logan so Kristen could sleep in. I guess Bill woke up early too because when Kristen and I woke up, the boys had taken Logan to a local diner for breakfast. Later in the day Kristen and I went to Bake & Broil for lunch while Logan napped.

Before his nap, we tried to get him all sleepy on the hammock. I even brought his Bun-Bun.

But, as much as Kristen would love it if her son would take a cuddly nap with her…

This boy just doesn’t like to sit still… or cuddle for that matter.

Logan is officially too tall for the Pack N Play. It’s a little sad, but something that was bound to happen. He kept waking up every couple of hours on Saturday night. He must be used to his big boy bed at home and was uncomfortable with the confined space. On Sunday, Kristen put him on the queen-sized bed in our guest room for his nap. About twenty minutes later, we all heard a loud thud and Logan start crying. Kristen went to go get him and we heard another thud as the door smacked him in the head. And more crying commenced. He had managed to roll out of bed and continue rolling another two feet or so to land right in front of the door. It was one of those moments where my immediate reaction was to giggle… but then I felt bad about giggling. I guess the rest of us had the same reaction. Logan was completely fine and went back to sleep after a few minutes. Of course we reinforced the amount of pillows surrounding the bed.

Kristen said that he’s actually rolled out of his big boy bed once at home. Which amazes me… the bed is in a corner, so two sides are against a wall. A third side has a protective railing. So, somehow, he rolled sideways to the foot of the bed and fell off there. That boy sure does move around a lot when he sleeps!

After his nap we played in the backyard for a while.

Logan finally figured out what a dump truck does.

and telling me all about it.

We tried once again to teach him how to blow bubbles… he still insists on putting his mouth directly on the bubble wand. He was able to blow a couple of bubbles before eating the wand.

But I think he just likes the taste. Yuck!

This cracked me up… he was following Bill around in the kitchen and “helping” him. Bill opened the fridge and showed him how cold it is…

So, Logan made himself comfortable.  Hmmm, I think I’ll have something to drink while I’m here…

Once at the airport, Logan wanted desperately to sit on an airplane. It was all he talked about for about an hour. As one airplane would push back from the gate, he’d worry that it was leaving without him.

“Sit… aw-plane… sit!”

Yesterday was Bill’s birthday. He took the day off and stayed home relaxing all day. He played some video games, watched a movie, and went to the shooting range. Bill made it pretty clear that he didn’t want a party this year. And, if we forced him to have a party, he didn’t want any singing. I’m slowly learning and accepting that he really doesn’t want a big deal made out of his birthday. When I got home from work, we went to Joe’s Sushi for dinner. The food was pretty good and we ate too much, as usual. It was fun sitting at the sushi bar watching the show Wipeout on the big screen TV with all the other patrons. We all groaned and cheered at the contestants getting smacked around by the obstacles. It has striking similarities to favorite Japanese shows of ours, Sasuke (Ninja Warrior in English) and MXC. So far it’s been quite entertaining… in a laugh-as-other-people-get-punched-by-mechanical-boxing-gloves-and-bounce-and-fall-from-giant-balls kind of way.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. stebow says:

    Hee Hee Logan stole the show as usual. What a cut-up!

  2. charlton75 says:

    Hey, I posted your pic on my blog finally…sorry that it took so long.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BILL!

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