Why is it that American cities, police departments in particular, feel the need to have a motto? Is it a decision made by an overly patriotic city council? I can understand the need or desire to have a mission statement… but why a motto that ends up on the side of a police car or arced across a city limits sign? Bill and I have often wondered about this. I thought the general consensus of police departments in the country had adopted the “To Protect and Serve” code of ethics… but no, many have expanded/edited/revamped this mantra into something that Bill and I have found humor in. It’s become a game to us to find the most ridiculous, silly, corny, or downright confusing city or police department motto possible.

Here’s a list of favorite somewhat-local contenders:


Lakewood, CA, old slogan, Tomorrow’s City Today

Lakewood, CA, new slogan, Times Change, People Don’t

San Gabriel, CA: City With A Mission

Lodi, CA: Livable, Lovable, Lodi

Torrance, CA: A Balanced City: Industrial, Residential, Commercial

Compton, CA: City of Champions

Auburn, CA: Endurance Capital of the World

Pleasanton, CA: It’s All the Name Implies

Police Departments:

Torrance Police Department: Excellence Through Teamwork

Palm Desert Police Department: Professionals Who Care

Pasadena Police Department: Excellence, Innovation, Integrity

Irvine Police Department: In Partnership With The Community

Our favorite so far:

Sacramento Sheriff’s Department: Service With Concern

Now we know that there are probably thousands more out there that could top these, and I’m sure we’ll come across them sooner or later. Some of these really crack me up, especially when the words are emblazoned on the side of a police car. Is there an equally corny motto in your city?

We had a lazy weekend chalked full of sleeping in, naps and moments of despair when neither of us wanted to go out to get some food. After a lot of busy weekends spent visiting friends and family, we felt the need for a weekend to relax. Our sleep schedules are also messed up from staying up late to watch the Olympics all last week. Bill is leaving for New York tomorrow morning and will visit Richmond and Washington DC before returning on Thursday evening. So, I’ll do my best to ration my TV time watching the Olympics and get my sleep schedule back to normal.  


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  1. stebow says:

    I love the mottos. I have been trying to find out what Newar’s is but so far I’m striking out. Nothing on the web site and I haven’t seen a cop car lately. Tomorrow’s city today?? What does that mean!

  2. christao408 says:

    Isn’t the motto and extensive of the department’s mission?  By placing it on the patrol cars and elsewhere, they let their “customers” know what to expect and what the department is trying to achieve.  Not a bad idea if they follow up on it.
    As for the city slogans, the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have enough to do with its time.

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