Alright, I’m
finally getting through some of our photos. I’ll try to add an entry
every day this week. But I’m not making any promises.

Friday Aug 29


evening we flew non-stop from Long beach to Seattle and were met at the airport by our
friend Eugene. Bill and Eugene became friends when Eugene used to work
for JetBlue a few years ago. We got into Seattle a little late so we
discussed a few different eating establishments that were still open.
Thankfully, Seattle has lots of them. We ended up eating at Beth’s Café
and enjoyed scrambled eggs and deliciously crispy hash browns. We first
heard about Beth’s on the Food Network as home of the twelve-egg
omelet. None of us had one that big, but the food was delicious
nonetheless. It also had a kitchy and very friendly vibe and it’s a
place that we’d definitely go back to.


Saturday Aug 30


We slept
in a little on Saturday morning and were met at our hotel room by our
Kato-for-the-day, Eugene. The weather was cloudy and breezy and just a
little chilly. But wearing a sweatshirt and walking around kept the
chill at bay. Eugene actually felt really guilty that the weather was
so cold despite it being August. Bill and I didn’t mind. Like he could
change it? We parked near Pike Place Market and began exploring.
Unfortunately there were two cruise ships parked nearby, so the market
was jam packed with people.

Despite the crowds, the
market astounded me
with its wonderful smells. With every couple of steps there was a
different and equally enticing aroma, ripe nectarines, fresh cut
flowers, brewed coffee, fresh fish, chocolate, roasted nuts, pierogis,
fresh bread, falafel, French pastries, scented homemade soaps, local
honey, homemade jams and jellies, heirloom tomatoes.



It was the most
expansive market I’d ever attended. Aside from the edible and sweet
smelling products, there were also many jewelry makers and other random
crafts and handiworks available for sale. Even though Bill isn’t too keen
on crowds, it was still a lot of fun.

A random, sad-looking balloon guy.

Right across the street from the market, a band was playing in front of the very first Starbucks Coffee shop. It was way too crowded to go inside, but it was still kind of cool to see. I think we all should learn how to play the washboard.

Right next to the market is a small park with a lovely view of the water. There’s also a large totem.

Believe it or not, they’re not working, they’re looking for an address. Really!

We walked around a bit and then
walked over to Cutters Bayhouse restaurant right next to the market.
There we met up with Kim and Gary and had a great lunch with lots of
fresh seafood. We had a great time catching up with Kim and Gary and
they invited us to stop by their house later in the afternoon for some
cocktails and to watch the sunset. As we left the restaurant, a lot of
the clouds had burned off and it was turning into a really gorgeous


We walked
a few blocks and boarded a monorail. One stop later and we were at the
Space Needle.

Bill is excited to be on the monorail!

This weekend was Seattle’s annual music festival
Bumbershoot and there were lots of people milling about the carnival in
the area. We purchased our tickets for the Space Needle and rode the
quick elevator up to the top. Being afraid of heights and not a fan of fast elevators, I was the only passenger facing away from the windows of the elevator. It wasn’t nearly as fast as I was anticipating and I was able to look out the windows a little bit.

A shot of one of the stages from the Bumbershoot concerts.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be
up there and we took lots of pictures. Eugene pointed out some
landmarks, we watched the two cruise ships get under way, and we watched
a float plane take off from Lake Union. It was pretty darned cool.

A cruise ship getting under way. For those who care, the pier on the right side of this image was home to the cast members of MTV’s Real World Seattle. Ooooh.

Playing with the reflection in the window.

Nearby Lake Union.

full tourist attraction style, the exit elevator dropped us off right
inside the gift shop. We cruised around a bit and got ourselves a Space
Needle shot glass then headed back towards the monorail. We would have
stopped and watched one of the multiple concerts playing for the
Bumbershoot, but we didn’t want to pay $40 for admission.

Some shots from the bottom.

After our
touristy roaming we headed to Kim and Gary’s house. Before we got there, we made a quick stop at the Fishermen’s Terminal. It’s a large marina where commerical fishing boats reside. During the off season months, many of the boats from the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch are there.

I really liked the reflection of the clouds in the water.

One of the fishing boats from Deadliest Catch, the Sea Star. Complete with banners advertising tours and a souviner shop.

There’s a large memorial there for the fishermen who have been lost at sea. The memorial is really moving and it’s humbling to see flowers and notes left behind by family members.

We finally made it to Kim & Gary’s house. They live in a
gorgeous house right on the locks near Puget Sound. They’ve been doing
a lot of remodeling in the last couple of years and it’s really looking
fantastic. Bill might have drooled a little on their beautiful kitchen.
I didn’t take any photos because the photos just wouldn’t do it
justice. So I put the camera down and enjoyed a couple of beers and a
couple of glasses of wine with Kim and Gary. Kim successfully converted
Eugene from vodka Martinis to gin Martinis. We watched the sun go down
and watched boats pass by from the third floor balcony. It was really
lovely and it was really wonderful talking with Kim and Gary sharing
stories. When we finally looked at the clock again, it was way too late
to eat at the Korean BBQ restaurant Eugene had planned for us. It
wasn’t a big deal as we were all having a wonderful time. Plus
with JetBlue now flying to Seattle from Long Beach, we’ll be visiting
Seattle a lot more. We finally headed back to our hotel in Renton around 1am.


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  1. jackietebow says:

    You have some really great shots of Seattle. Very pretty.

  2. kristalucas says:

    Those photos are awesome! I wish I could have come with you just for picture taking… 🙂

  3. oldpartner says:

    Beautiful pictures! August is my favorite time of year in Seattle.

  4. stebow says:

    Looks like you and Bill had a good start to your trip. Looking forward to the next installment.

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