The weather in southern California never ceases to make me laugh. We’ve been having wonderful weather this October… highs in the 80s and 90s and lows ranging from the low 50s to the mid 70s. It’s been great. Of course, because today is Halloween, it’s raining. It never fails to give us a heat wave in the days before the 31st. Then Mother Nature reminds us that it’s no longer Summer by making Halloween rainy and chilly… causing some worry about what parts of your Halloween costume aren’t waterproof. And this weekend’s forecast? Highs in the 70s. Nice.

Last Saturday Jackie hosted a Halloween party at Mom & Dad’s
house. Because Michael and Sara’s engagement party is this Saturday, we
celebrated Halloween a week early. She invited many of her friends
along with many people Bill and I know too. Funny enough, Mom and Dad
weren’t there. They went to a dinner/fund-raising silent auction with
Michael, Sara and Sara’s parents. The auction was for Sara’s Catholic
elementary school. From what I was told, they had a good time.

Photos from the party:

Jackie, Joanna and a few friends did a great job decorating the house, both inside and outside. There was a lot of food and many friends brought food too.

A few funny tombstones. The one of the left cracks me up since Cattlemen’s was the name of the recently closed restaurant where Jackie used to work.

No Halloween party is complete without a chalk outline! This one even had its own blood splatter and murder weapon nearby.

Bill’s best David Caruso impression from CSI: Miami.


The pumpkins were awesome. I’m really bummed I didn’t get a photo of them once they were lit. Maybe Jackie got one. The top one is Barak Obama, the bottom one is Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Kristen and Logan arrived a little
early and Logan was dressed as Nemo. And he loved wearing his costume. James had been attending a class
all week for his work and couldn’t make the party. Kristen hadn’t planned to wear a costume, so
Bill and I picked up something for her to wear.

He also enjoyed wearing Kristen’s bunny ears.

This is the first time, in the 10+ years I’ve been with Bill, that he
willingly and without nagging, blackmail or coercement, wore a Halloween costume. To quote a favorite TV character,
he flight suited-up! In his pocket his phone played Danger Zone from
the film Top Gun each once in a while.

wore the Slash (lead guitarist from the band Guns n Roses) costume that he wore last year. He called it Slash 2.0
because he added the fake nose ring, the fake cigarette, and the real
guitar. The tattoo shirt is pretty awesome and quite real-looking.

I was dressed up as Robin Sparkles. If you don’t watch the show
“How I Met Your Mother” then you’ll have no idea who I am. The generic
version is that I was a Canadian pop star from the 80s. A few people guessed Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Punky Brewster. I guess I could have been any of them. Either way, I had fun adding rhinestones to an old denim jacket. The back is painted too, I just don’t have a photo. I’ll see if I can get one.

Jackie was a dancing flower.

Arthur was Tyrone Biggums a character created by comedian Dave Chapelle.

Leah and Khari arrived later in the evening. Leah dressed as a flapper and Khari dressed as Jules from the film Pulp Fiction. It was funny as his fake sideburns kept trying to peel off his cheek.


Leah’s sister Kate and brother Russ also came along with Russ’
girlfriend and another friend. Kate was a flapper, Russ was Spartan King Leonidas from the film 300. Russ’ girlfriend was a peacock-themed cigarette

Joanna and her boyfriend were Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth.

A hilarious Michael Jackson costume… he even has a band-aid on his nose.

One of Jackie’s friends dressed as Bob Ross. The hair is a little too big, but I still found it really funny.

Another friend was dressed as Gulliver… hence the strings.

Pat’s friend Melissa was Nike, obviously with a head and arms. We joked that she was either a Victoria’s Secret model or an Archangel.


We also had a rodeo clown, a frighteningly real looking Joker from The Dark Knight, a surfer and a bunch more where I either didn’t know who they were dressed as or they weren’t in costume.

and I joked about how lots of 20-something girls tend to go the sexy
route with Halloween costumes becoming a sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy
Tinkerbell, etc. Sure enough, a couple of Jackie’s friends arrived as a
sexy Raggedy Ann, a sexy doctor, a sexy French maid, and a sexy Dorothy
from the Wizard of Oz. We even had a sexy nun.

Even though Logan had to go to bed well before the party actually got started, we all had a good time.

Sunday afternoon we met up with Alvin, Kristen and Logan and had lunch at Claim Jumper. James was able to join us for a little bit while he was on his lunch break from class. This weekend marks the end of this intensive class, so it’ll be nice to actually hang out with him again.

Some fun photos of Logan during lunch:

Enjoying is applesauce and macaroni & cheese.


This is what you get when you ask for a really big smile.  

He loves running around in circles at the front of the restaurant. And we’re happy to sit on the bench and watch him tire himself out. Sometimes, we chase.


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3 Responses to

  1. oldpartner says:

    The party looked like fun!  Nemo was very adorable.  Two thumbs up for Bill, although the costume wasn’t too surprising.  Halloween isn’t my holiday either so good for him for dressing up without being nagged!

  2. stebow says:

    Looked like everyone had a great time. Wish I could have been split in two that night so I could go to both events. Great job Jackie for what was a successful party.

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