Well… it’s been an interesting day today. This morning we lost power at my office for about thirty seconds. We joked about the work that hadn’t been saved, being afraid of the dark, and of sitting around telling ghost stories when the power came back on. Then, about five minutes later, the power went out again. We shared some laughs as we had to take a flashlight with us to use the bathroom. Some minor investigating on our part revealed that the power was out on our entire block. After sitting around for about twenty minutes, five of us went out to lunch. We had a nice lunch at Chili’s wondering if we were going to be able to go home early. Our hopes were crushed when we received the call telling us that the power was back on. So, now we’re back, after an extremely unproductive morning.

I had an annoying couple of days trying to get Monday morning’s flat tire repaired. Tuesday afternoon I took my car to America’s Tire Co. near my work with the hopes of getting the tire repaired on my lunch break. When the guy pulled the flat tire from my trunk, we both saw the one inch tear in the sidewall of the tire… I guess the bit of extra time I kept driving to get to a shoulder caused irreparable damage to my tire, and I had to buy a new one. Doh. While he checked his inventory to see if they had my tire in stock, I wondered how much it would be. Gone are the days when I could buy a new tire for less than $50 from Costco. Thankfully it was only $93 for a new tire…. and because I’ve only driven four thousand miles, I didn’t have to buy two tires. I also opted to buy the protection they offer for all of my tires. For $13 per tire, I can have them balanced and rotated for free and also have flat tires repaired or replaced for free. I figured $13 per tire was worth that peace of mind.

While I waited to have my new tire put on, I was informed that they couldn’t get the spare wheel off… they couldn’t find the wheel lock key. (insert a shoulder dropping, head shaking sigh) On Monday, when the nice man from AAA was changing my tire, he accidentally left with the key to my wheel locks. This is the first car I’ve ever owned that had wheel locks, so it didn’t occur to me to ask for the key back when he was done. I just assumed he’d tossed it in the trunk with the flat tire. Apparently not. So, the tire guys put my new tire in my trunk for me and I left, still driving on my spare. After work that day, I stopped by a Nissan dealer and asked what my options were. A woman in the service department was awesome and was able to find a master key to remove my wheel locks. Thankfully my wheel locks were Nissan brand instead of an off-brand. I purchased four new lug nuts to replace the locks and she was gracious enough to swap them for me while I waited. And this was just minutes before they were closing for the day. On Wednesday I went back to America’s Tire Co. and had them swap out my spare tire for the new one. It was a job that took all of five minutes, but they were a bit busy, so I was away from work for an hour and a half.

I’m relieved to finally have it fixed and to be able to drive faster then 60mph… although with traffic, I don’t drive that fast anyway. While I’ve definitely learned a lesson about wheel locks, I don’t think I want to have them anymore. If my car had nifty and expensive wheels, then I’d consider it. But they don’t and I really don’t want to deal with wheel locks anymore.  Punto final.

I have no photos to post and nothing fun to talk about, so I’ll repost my recommendation that everyone bookmark this page. Check it whenever you need something that will make your laugh.

Cake Wrecks

Have a great weekend.


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  1. christao408 says:

    Kudos to the folks at Nissan for doing the right thing and helping out.

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