We had a fun weekend. It started Saturday morning with James and Logan flying down. Bill and James participated in a sharpshooting competition in Pomona through a local Asian Police Officers Association that our friend Ronney is a member of. Since neither Bill or James had ever participated in a shooting competition before, they weren’t sure at what level they should compete. The levels were Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert, and Distinguished Expert. Bill and James both opted for the beginner level, Marksman, with a warning from the woman running the event, Jenny; if they were hustling her, she was going to move them to another group.

I’m not very knowledgable on how these competitions work except that I know the scores were tallied based on accuracy and speed. Their targets were on a pivoting mount and they had to shoot three rounds in two seconds. This was repeated many times with the distance growing from five yards gradually out to twenty yards.

Here Ronney (on the left) and another guy are judging and adding up the scores. Apparently they were taking a really long time with the results. So Bill went over and asked what the problem was… “you know, this is an asian police officers association… what the heck?!?”

When all was said and done, Ronney placed first in the Marksman division and Bill placed second in the Expert division. A pleasant surprise! Apparently Jenny thought Bill was hustling. Bill was told that he would get a trophy sometime in March when they have their annual dinner. Stay tuned for cheesy photos of Bill with his trophy.

While the boys were shooting at paper bad guys, Logan and I spent the morning and afternoon playing. (Kristen had to stay home to attend a conference)

Logan enjoyed walking around the house wearing Bill’s xBox headset. He would occasionally push the mic to his mouth and say, “helllllooooo!”

We played with the dump truck and the police car and then walked to the park. There’s a toddler-sized playground within walking distance from our house. The weather was unseasonably warm in the high 80s and breezy. As I anticipated, the walk took quite a while as Logan was easily distracted by everything… fallen leaves on the ground, a neighbor’s porch swing, a neighbor’s dog, a guy washing his car, even a random rock. “What’s that??” At one point he just sat down on the sidewalk and wanted to play with leaves. We eventually made it to the park and played for a bit. After about thirty minutes, the Santa Ana winds started gusting and blowing leaves all over the place. We headed home when Logan started sneezing. Once we got home, the winds changed and the sky started getting dark. The wind had changed and a wildfire that was burning twentyfive miles away in Corona, Yorba Linda and the Anaheim Hills, was now filling our neighborhood with smoke and ash. I put Logan down for a nap around one, and by two o’clock the wind had died down and there was a very erie calm in the smoke filled air.

Everyone had closed their doors and windows and the street was ominous and quiet. Everywhere you turned it smelled like a campfire. We were far enough away from the fire, that we were in no danger. But the air was terrible. Logan was napping and blissfully unaware. By three thirty, the sun was no longer casting shadows, and it was dark before five.

At one point, the wildfire jumped over highway 91 and caused major traffic problems. So Bill and James didn’t get home until six. While we waited Logan thought it would be fun to walk around wearing Patrick’s sandals.


He also enjoyed wearing a couple of Chinese fish keychains on his ears…


Yeah, I don’t know either… Kristen, maybe you can explain your son’s behavior?

Once Bill and James got home we got Logan ready for bed. Bill grilled up some steaks and fingerling potatoes. We played some Rock Band and then went to sleep.

Sunday morning we were greeting with a whole lot of ash covering the sidewalks and our cars.

We deal with wildfires every Fall in southern California, but this was the worst we’ve seen in our neighborhood.

Sunday morning the four of us had breakfast at a local diner. They make great breakfast, as is apparent by the wait for a table on a Sunday morning.


Some good ole fashioned pick-a-boo. What we found really funny was after breakfast, we noticed the Logan no longer referred to our house as “Bill and Akiss’ house.” It was now “our house.”

After breakfast, I drove up to Westlake Village, (just inland from Malibu) to spend the day with Krista, Tim and their boys Benjamin and Noah. Now that they’re back in California, it’s technically easier to visit her. But she’s just far enough away that I have to plan the visit.

Tim is working as a math professor at Pepperdine University. He’s currently teaching business calculus… a branch of mathematics I have never had any desire to be familiar with. Krista is enjoying being a fulltime mom and photographer. Noah just turned two months old and Benjamin is two years old. We played for a while and Benjamin warmed up to me pretty quickly. When both boys seemed like they were in a good mood, we went outside to try and take a few family photos. Krista wanted a new photo to use for their holiday cards. If the air had been better, we would have tried the beach in Malibu, but we’ll have to try that another year. The couple of photos that turned out the best are posted on Krista’s blog.

I think he was trying to get to my chewing gum… and he thought it was funny when I tried to eat his fingers.

For dinner we went to In-N-Out. Benjamin loves eating his grilled cheese. If he’s really good, he can get a couple of french fries.

Benjamin trying not to smile…

Noah chillin’ while we eat. He’s such a calm and low-key baby. He smiles a lot, he doesn’t fuss and is easily entertained by his pacifier. It’s a great combination.

It was a fun weekend visiting lots of people. James and Logan flew home Sunday evening and Bill and I got caught up on a few TV shows. The air has cleared up a lot this week and work has had both of us busy. I have no idea what we’re going to do this weekend… but I’m sure it has something to do with that strip of dirt on the other side of the sidewalk…


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  1. kfyeom says:

    Don’t ask me…he gets it from James 😉 I’m glad you took such good care of him and were able to experience his “smell the roses” approach to getting anywhere!

  2. christao408 says:

    Congratulations to James and Bill!  Very cute pictures of the children.  You capture them so well, Alex.

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