It was a busy weekend that ended up a little short for me as I tried to fly to the Bay Area and back with lots of weather delays throughout the country. I wanted to fly up to the Bay Area on Friday evening, but my 8:25pm flight was delayed and not scheduled to leave until after midnight. I opted to take an 8:55am flight the next morning. Bill, Kristen and Logan picked me up and we had a late breakfast at The Country Way in Fremont.  We had amazing french toast, eggs and bacon. Logan loved his sausage and single pancake dressed up with blackberry jam.

Logan loves his Batman action figure.


After breakfast we headed back the James and Kristen’s place where James was studying for some sort of exam… it had something to do with his work. Logan and Bill napped while Kristen and I watched a movie. After his nap Logan took a while to get his personality back.

Kristen’s mom sent the nifty garbage truck to Logan for Christmas. He LOVES it.

Logan’s potty training has had its ups and downs. Sometimes he’ll be great and have no issues at all. Some weeks he gets lazy and would rather keep playing with his toys than stop and go to the bathroom. And it doesn’t help that he has no problem at all sitting and playing in wet and/or dirty underwear. It’s funny and frustrating all at the same time. To give Logan some better incentive to using the potty, he gets a coin every time he uses the potty. When he gets fifteen coins, he gets a reward like ice cream or Jamba Juice. Saturday afternoon we went to Baskin Robbins in Newark for his single scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Santa had stopped for some ice cream as well. (to his credit, this guy stayed in character the whole time)

Logan is wearing his aloha shirt because we were on our way to Mom’s birthday party. Because it’s the middle of December, we felt it to be entirely appropriate to have a Hawaiian themed birthday party. For some reason Logan wanted to wear his winter hat too.

Because this was a landmark 29th birthday, we invited more than the usual group of guests. Mom’s friend Catherine was gracious in inviting us to her home in Hayward for the party.

There was a lot of delicious food and everyone had a good time. Bill and I brought a couple of Maui pineapples (Safeway in Newark had them!) and a bag of Maui onion flavored potato chips.

Opening gifts and reading cards.

Bill’s artistic photo of some of the food.


Among the variety of aloha shirts and shell necklaces, Jackie wore a bikini t-shirt.

We all signed the mat of a frame for mom.


Instead of finding a fire extinguisher, Mom opted to have just one candle on her pumpkin cake. The cake was delicious with a cream cheese frosting.

With Manami and Tatsuki, who make the drive up from Monterey.

The party was a lot of fun and it was wonderful to see a lot of people we don’t get to see often.

Sunday morning I walked to the kitchen at Bill’s parents’ house and I was greeted, surprised by a 24″x36″ frame posted of a non-smiling Mark.


Mark works for Stanford University in the graduate housing department. He’s kind of a handyman fixing things as students break them. He’s a certified locksmith, carpenter and electrian, so he does it all. Next month will mark his 30th year working there and at the annual holiday party, they presented him with this poster, a plaque and a lapel pin. The other two plaques and lapel pins were given to commemorate his 15th and 25th years. Bill and I enjoyed a laugh at the giant poster, where they obviously used the photo from his ID badge. I wonder how long it will stay on the dining room wall like that…

Later on Bill and I spent the afternoon waiting for a seat on any airplane flying to Long Beach. Ice storms in Chicago, New York and Seattle were affecting the schedules severely. Bill and I ended up hanging out at San Jose airport for a couple of hours while we waited to see if we could get a seat on the last flight out. A friend of Bill’s who’s a pilot was deadheading on the same flight, so we hung out with him and the first office who was fling with him.

Bill took this photo while we waited…

This is a photo of the Christmas gift Bill and I bought for ourselves. (the camera, not the ornament) We’ve decided that we will no longer buy each other Christmas gifts every year, instead we will buy something together that we both can use. This year we bought a Canon XSi DSLR camera. The package deal Bill found included a 35mm lens and a 300mm zoom lens. We’re both very excited and thinking about how we have to re-learn basic photography. It’ll be great to have when we travel and I won’t have to borrow Michael’s camera anymore.


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