I tired really hard to get this written while I was at work for two days, but I had to do some actual work!

We weren’t sure if it was the economy or the number of people who had to work the day after Christmas… but we had no problem getting seats on an evening flight from Long Beach to San Jose on Christmas Eve. James picked us up, we got a quick dinner and settled in for the night. I’m not sure, but I think I might have seen Santa Claus flying by as we began our descent into San Jose.

Christmas morning we slept in. I find it funny how I’m able to sleep in on Christmas morning as an adult compared to the sleepless anticipation I felt as a child. I remember distinctly trying desperately to hear Santa Claus on the roof. When we were kids, Mom and Dad instilled a rule that we couldn’t go into the living room to see what Santa brought until after 7am. More importantly, we couldn’t wake up Mom and Dad until after 7am. So, the four of us would sit in the hallway next to the heater and wait until 7am or until Dad got up… since we were literally sitting, whispering and giggling right outside their bedroom door. Then it was all fun and excitement checking out our new toys while wearing the new PJs that Mom and Dad had given us to open the night before.

When we finally gout ourselves up and dressed, we made our way to Mom and Dad’s house for brunch. We were joined by Grandma, James, Kristen, Logan, Arthur and Sara. We all enjoyed scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, pancakes and fruit.

Jackie had the camera for a while and snapped photos of many.

After breakfast we played some Texas Hold’em, watched Ben-Hur, played some video games and lounged around all morning. Patrick’s friend Melissa joined us a little later.

Mom put the prime rib into the oven. Kind of cool with her new oven… the thermometer probe is built in. When the beef reaches the designated temperature, the oven shuts off. Very cool.

Kristen addicted to The Sims.
Logan went down for a nap… as did Bill, Jackie, Arthur, Michael and Sara. Michael and Sara were sleeping off hangovers.

Patrick getting home from working most of the morning.

Jan and Mark arrived in the afternoon and had spent the previous week in Seattle and were struggling to drive back down in time for Christmas. It took them three days and they joined us later in the afternoon. When they arrived everyone was waking up from their naps and we opened presents.

And Logan felt like wearing Sara’s shoes.

Bill divying up the gifts.

Logan is really starting to understand the concept of Christmas. He was excited that Santa visited them while he was sleeping and he really loved opening his gifts.

After presents we had a great dinner of prime rib with baked mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, and other great stuff that I can’t remember.

Josh waiting patiently for some food to drop.

For some reason Logan was in the middle of smiling and yelling… hence the face.

It took a long time to get Logan to blow out the candle. It was really funny. I have some video of it that I’ll post when I get a chance to edit it.

I taught Logan how to take a photo with my little camera and he really had fun taking photos of everyone and everything.
Here’s a sample of what he took:



We finally asked Logan to take photos of people’s faces instead of just taking pictures of them.


After dinner we played some rousing rounds of Rock Band. Jackie had a lot to drink too… which made it even more fun.

Then she was asleep a little while later. Passed out might be a better term… we all had a lot of champagne that day.

Logan fell asleep that night with his beloved brand new motorcycle on his cheek.

It was a great Christmas and the food was wonderful.

On Friday, James, Kristen, Logan, Bill and I drove out to Half Moon Bay and Pillar Point Harbor to buy some Dungeness Crab.

It was really chilly but beautiful and clear.

And Logan got to splash in some puddles with his new boots.

There were some funny boat names in the harbor.

Sadly, no one was selling crab that day. We figured the boats had all taken Christmas Day off from fishing. Oh well. We had a wonderful lunch at our favorite local restaurant there, Ketch Joanne.

My favorite dish at Ketch, their fried calamari. It’s still the best fried calamari I’ve ever had.

Later that night we stopped at the local Asian grocery store and bought a bunch of Dungeness Crab and steamed it all for dinner along with some shrimp, clams, a tossed salad and crusty bread. Bill steams them with onions, garlic and a couple bottles of white wine. They were delicious.

On Saturday I woke up feeling happy that it was still the middle of my long weekend. Bill vegged for most of the day while I drove out to Dublin to spend the day with my friend Yvonne. She lives in Livermore and is just far enough away that we don’t get to see each other very often. Plus my weekends are normally planned out for me when we visit. We had lunch at Fuddruckers and cruised around Borders recommending books to each other.

Later that night Bill and I had dinner with his parents and the family of Laikwan’s friends who were in town visiting. The parents are friends of Laikwan’s from when she still lived in China. They were visiting from New York along with two of their sons and one son’s girlfriend. I believe one of the sons lives in southern California. We had a nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant near their house.

Sunday morning we slept in and hung around with James and Kristen before heading to the airport.

I had Logan take a few more photos.
They were all pretty funny and he had a lot of fun. After he would take a photo he’d say, “I did it!”

When Logan was getting ready for his nap and just wanted to wear his new boots and his construction hat… that’s all.

James tried to get him to pose in the YMCA poses… it was really funny…

Later that afternoon we flew back to Long Beach from San Jose. It was a great long weekend, especially since we knew we’d be back in the Bay Area in just a few days. Two to be precise…

It’s New Year’s Eve right now and I’m at Mom & Dad’s house and just finished a wonderful dinner of pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and roasted corn. Bill made a wonderful sauce by reducing the marinade and adding Brandy to it. We’re playing Rock Band with Bill, James, Kristen, Alvin, Michael and Sara. Logan is asleep and we’ll wake him up at midnight to take some photos with horns, hats and streamers. I’ll take some photos and post them next week… right now there’s a Boston song waiting for me.

Happy New Year!


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2 Responses to

  1. christao408 says:

    No wonder it took you two days to get to this – there’s like a million pictures!  And all of them are wonderful, especially that first one.Logan running around in only boots and his construction hat.  I suppose you have at least one of those “your parents will embarass you silly when you are older” photos for him?See you in a few hours at your parents’ house.  Happy new year!

  2. oldpartner says:

    I think Logan might have a future in photography.  Just a few lessons from you and he’ll be set!  Christmas sounded like it was fun and relaxing.  Just the way it should be.  I hope that you had a wonderful New Year as well! 

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