It hasn’t really been busy the last couple of weeks, I haven’t really been motivated to write. I think the daunting folder that contained almost 2000 photos from the month of December burned me out a bit… so no photos for a while. 

We’ve continued to have absolutely wonderful weather, with clear skies and temps ranging from the mid 80s to the upper 60s (on some cold days). It hasn’t felt like winter since before Christmas. Part of me is a little concerned, as we could really use some rain, but I’m enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. As much as I miss living in the Bay Area, I really love the weather down here.

Patrick and Melissa spent the weekend with us. Melissa flew back Sunday night and Patrick is still here, chillin as he has the week off. Patrick ran in the Surf City Marathon on Sunday morning down in Huntington Beach. Melissa ran the half marathon. Melissa finished at around 01:30ish. Pat was pleased with his time, 03:35-ish. (We don’t have their actual chip times yet.) He had originally planned to try and qualify for the Boston Marathon with this marathon, but he wasn’t able to commit the time to the proper training. Either way, he beat his personal best by around fifteen minutes. Definitely deserving of a soak in and ice bath and a cold beer. He’s still sore and groans whenever he has to move from the couch. But it’s nice having him around anyway.

UPDATE: Patricks’ chip time: 3:35:37, Melissa’s chip time: 1:34:48. Right on!

Yesterday Bill put a tri-tip and a brisket in the smoker. The tri -tip was in for about four and a half hours and was delicious with dinner last night. He left the brisket in for about twelve hours. It turned out amazing!

Beautiful smoke ring. I’m looking forward to my brisket sandwich for lunch tomorrow.

Bill is in New York for a few days. He’s attending some sort of meeting that involves emergency response. I imagine they set up the meeting shortly after the US Airways plane took a swim in the Hudson River. Unfortunately, there’s a weather front headed for the Northeast, so we don’t know if he’ll make it home on Wednesday as planned. The funniest part of this kind of thing… Bill doesn’t really own a winter coat. He has a windbreaker that has a zip-out lining, that’s it. I imagine he’ll do his best to stay indoors anyway.

I have picked up a bunch of freelance work through the wedding message board that I was active on during my wedding planning year. A few months ago I offered to help a few brides out by creating a fancy map for their wedding invitations. I didn’t plan to charge them as I felt I was just helping out since not everyone has access to programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop when they’re DIYing their wedding invitations. When a few maps turned into half a dozen, I began charging a little bit per map. Then, slowly, word got around that I could design logos, invitations, RSVP cards, save-the-dates, etc. Now I’m working on a dozen different projects right now. (not for free) I’ve had to tell a few new brides that I won’t be able to start their projects until March for fear that I’ll get myself too busy. It’s weird and amazing how word-of-mouth works… or I guess it’s word-of-internet-forum. A couple of brides have begun their own side businesses in photography and event planning and I’ve designed a couple of logos for them. To me, the work is pretty simple and often doesn’t take a lot of time. I just create the designs, layout the text, and send the high res files to the bride. The printing and assembly is all up to them. And I absolutely love when they’re thrilled with the outcome. This is my new vendor profile on the wedding website. I need to email some of the brides I worked with a while ago and ask them to write me reviews.

Of course, this newfound work has made me painfully aware that my website is in need of updating. I haven’t added any new art in almost three years. A former co-worker of Bill’s set up the site for me when I was job hunting. But we never got a chance to sit down and teach me how to make changes. I was never thrilled with my website anyway. As Michael put it, it doesn’t really reflect me or my personality. So, I’m kind of starting from scratch. I have a bunch of ideas in my head on how I want it to work and look. Hopefully, with Michael’s help on the tech side, we’ll be able to make it work. Stay tuned. 



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  1. ac325i says:

    Actually, this drill has been planned for months.  The timing of it just happens to be coincidentally close to the US Airways incident.  Funny how that happens.

  2. jandsschultz says:

    Alex, the vendor site looks inviting to me.  Good luck.  Word-of-mouth is the best advertising available, and it’s very inexpensive.  I found that out with my piano studio.  

  3. christao408 says:

    I keep thinking I need to get a website up and running…

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