This week marks the end of the first trimester, and little one is approximately the size of a lime.

It’s kind of cool to see the progression from a sesame seed three months ago to a lime. I am purposely not reading ahead to see what happens in the coming weeks. I’d much rather read about those details as they’re happening.

I’m feeling significantly better compared to four weeks ago. I have been able to go for three days in a row without wearing my Sea Bands. (which have been a HUGE help) Although I have them on today. That seems to be some sort of odd routine. I feel good for a few days then have one day where I revert back to the nausea, fatigue and lack of appetite. Overall, my appetite is getting better and I’ve noticed that I’m almost able to eat a full meal in one sitting like I used to pre-pregnancy. Almost.

Smells that I really dislike:  microwave popcorn, hot pastrami, gasoline, roses

I’ve been getting some interesting and somewhat odd advice from friends and family in regards to my eating habits. Bill’s mom advised me to eat eggs as often as I can to ensure that the baby has good skin. And she says I’m not supposed to eat any crab, because it will cause the baby to have problems with eczema. I know all about what fish I can’t eat because of the mercury levels, and that I’m not supposed to eat any raw or undercooked fish because of the possibility of bacteria, but crab causing eczema? Really? Any moms want to chime in on this one? (I wish there was a smiley face that showed one eyebrow raised in skepticism… I would put it here)

Bill’s mom flew down this past Friday and will be staying with us all week. Two of her friends who live in Panama are also staying with us as part of their vacation. One of them speaks English pretty well, but I’m trying to practice a little Spanish around them. I have to say it’s kind of odd hearing a Chinese woman speaking Spanish. Yesterday Bill drove the three of them to Las Vegas for a three-day trip. He flew back home last night and is thinking about flying back out tomorrow to drive them back. I think he’s part dedicated son, part son who doesn’t trust his mom’s navigation skills.

On Saturday Bill and I went to downtown LA to watch the San Jose Sharks play the LA Kings in their last regular season match. The Sharks are on top this year and we were looking forward to celebrating a win with the few thousand Sharks fans who tend to sit around our section. Unfortunately the Sharks disappointed us and lost, 3-4. It was frustrating as a win would have clinched the President’s Cup, the honor of having finished the regular season with the most points. Thankfully, Buffalo beat Boston later that night ensuring the President’s Cup for the Sharks. It still would have been nice to celebrate that title with a win.

After the match we met Louie, Nicole and Eugene in Hollywood. Eugene needed a break from tax season and flew down from Seattle for the weekend. (Eugene works at his family’s accounting business.) We drove around Hollywood Blvd, Beverly Hills and eventually made our way up to the Griffith Park Observatory a little while before sunset. Neither Bill or I had ever been… and we were kicking ourselves for not bringing the camera! The weather was beautiful and surprisingly clear for LA. I took a couple of photos with my point-and-shoot camera, but the battery died shortly after… I need to get it charged to see if the pics are any good. These were taken by Eugene:

Eugene deep in thought.

We had a nice time wandering around seeing LA and Hollywood from high above. The sunset was beautiful and we all vowed that we need to come back with a picnic lunch and spend the day there. Perhaps even see the presentation at the planetarium.


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  1. stebow says:

    Goodness! Some old tales are just too funny! heh heh heh  If you go on line you can see hundreds of them. All cultures have tales and advice for expecting mothers. They are often based on religious beliefs and some are just plain superstition. Stick with the science. Follow your OB’s advice and you will be fine. and don’t reach for anything above your head…

  2. oldpartner says:

    We’re glad that you are feeling better!  The girls have asked many questions about the picture about the lime.  Trying to explain to them how the baby grows is rather funny.  They are very excited about another cousin.  My advice, don’t push a vacuum cleaner. 🙂

  3. kfyeom says:

    A LIME! Wheeeee! She’s getting so big! Crab and Excema? The only thing I can think of is that shellfish is highly allergenic and excema is a sign of a food allergy. I wouldn’t necessarily worry unless someone in yours or Bills family has a shellfish allergy (or ever did and outgrew it). On second though forget about all weird restrictions and save the caution for the second child if the first one gets screwed up. That is what the first one is for after all 😉

  4. ac325i says:

    @kfyeom – Yep…I had a shellfish allergy that I outgrew in my early 20’s.

  5. jandsschultz says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, Alex.  I remember off and on fits of nausea throughout all nine months with both pregnancies.  Enjoy the good days, they do get more frequent.  I agree with your Mom…stick with the science.  BTW how is Bill handling pregnancy so far?

  6. christao408 says:

    Perhaps we need a code name to refer to “little one”.  Maybe we could generically call it “lime” or “taco” or “spring roll”… although with an October due date I guess “moon cake” might be more appropriate.

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