This weekend James & Logan flew down to spend some time with us. Kristen was working at a conference all weekend and joined us yesterday. James’ job required him to do some work in Orange County this week and we were happy to give them a place to sleep. On Friday Bill, James & Logan took me out to lunch and it was a nice break in the day. Kinda made me feel good when Logan told me he didn’t want me to go back to work.

On Saturday morning Bill, James and Eugene, drove to an outdoor range in Azusa to shoot holes in some paper bad guys and bowling pins. They had a great time and really liked this place and it’s available private ranges.

Bill got to fire slugs from the shotgun for the first time. Most of the indoor ranges in our area only allow the firing of bird shot. Those bowling pins must have been baaaaaaad.

Bill posing just like the figurine on his trophy! (Hmmm… I still need to take some good photos of that trophy… stay tuned.)

Overall the boys had a great time and all agreed that the range was pretty awesome… and worth nearly 30 mile drive.

While the boys were out doing uber boy stuff, Logan and I met up with my friend Krista, her husband Tim, and their boys Benjamin and Noah at the Aquarium of the Pacific in downtown Long Beach. Benjamin and Logan are just a couple of months apart in age so we hoped they might get along. They actually didn’t really care about each other and were happy just to watch the fish, sea lions, turtles and bat rays.

The sea lions had just been fed and were quite active; playing with each other and barking.

Benjamin & Logan; they tolerated each other.

When we first arrived, the first exhibit we went to was a tank of small tiger sharks and other large fish. There was a scuba diver in the water with a mask that allowed him to talk to the audience explaining what he was doing. As we left, Logan waved and the diver waved back. Logan thought that was the coolest thing ever! If you ask Logan what we did at the aquarium, the fact that a scuba diver waved at him will be the first thing he mentions.

We spent some time at the bat ray pool where you can touch the rays as they swim around. There was nothing I could do to convince Logan to touch one, but he really enjoyed as the swam really close to the edge and splashed him with a little bit of water.

Logan did really well despite the fact that the aquarium was pretty crowded and there were lots of kids around. In their outdoor play area Logan wanted to climb on the big boat they they have. He waited patiently as other bigger kids hogged the boat’s steering wheel. At one point he even shared it with another girl who looked to be about fifteen months old.

There was a large fish sticking out of the ground that would squirt water from it’s mouth in random intervals. All the kids loved it. Many of the parents got wet too as it was quite stealth. Here Logan is waiting for the spray of water.


His reaction made a few of the other parents laugh.

Krista and I tried to stick together, but we went pretty much wherever the toddlers wanted to go. So we only were able to hang out for a little while.

Krista posted this photo on her blog and the caption really made me laugh:

“You want me to take a picture with this guy?”

It was a fun way to spend the morning. By 1pm I was running out of steam and the crowds were getting to me. So Logan and I left with plans to stop for McDonalds before his nap.

He was out within five minutes after we left… with his new hammerhead shark, Hammie, in his grasp. When I asked him what stuffed animal he wanted, he was adamant that it be a shark. I stopped to get gas and lunch at the drive-thru and he never woke up. Even when I carried him into the house and put him in bed, he didn’t wake up. It was nice to have some peace and quiet after the hectic aquarium.

After Logan slept for nearly three hours, Bill, James and Eugene were back and we joined Louie and Nicole for some Korean BBQ. The food was delicious and we all had a good time.

Even Logan enoyed the rice and soup that the waitress brought him. The soup had pieces of seaweed floating in it… Logan said they were sting rays.

This week marks fourteen weeks. According to, the little one is approximately the size of a lemon.

Bill was much happier with this than with last week’s shrimp.

Last Thursday I had a quick Dr appointment where I learned that all of my lab work from the previous month came back normal. The next round of testing was explained to me where they test for markers that calculate the risk that the baby might have Downs Syndrome. I still have a lot of reading to do to fully understand it, but from what I’ve learned so far, it’s a fairly routine blood test. I also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It was quick and sounded like a helicopter, it was a great sound. Bill was pretty bummed that he had to miss this appointment. He was chained to the couch with a rotated sacrum that was causing a severly pinched nerve in his lower back. If I was still working for Vu, I belive his diagnosis would be lumbosacral segmental dysfunction. Or something along those lines. He’s feeling much better after he was able to stretch his muscles a bit yesterday and pop his vertebrae back into place.

I’m still not feeling like the books tell me I should be feeling in my second trimester. I still have days where nausea wipes me out. I’ll feel great for a few days then have a few days of random waves of nausea. My Dr was a little surprised that I was still dealing with nausea, but she was understanding and sympathetic… making sure I understood that there’s nothing that can be done about it.

This week’s rant: What’s up with this pregnancy glow that I’ve heard about??? Where my skin and hair are supposed to be ridiculously healthy and radiant? I’m not glowing at all… instead my skin is rebelling worse that when I was going through puberty! Oi! Okay, done with my rant.


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7 Responses to

  1. jandsschultz says:

    There are no textbook pregnancies.  You may have nausea off and on throughout the entire time…or…it may clear up completely…or…something in between.  Accept what is and enjoy.  Life will change dramatically once Baby Wong has arrived.

  2. kristalucas says:

    i laughed to myself when i captioned that one too!  :)and i had random nausea with my pregnancy with noah – it’ll get better!  i also had lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions with him.  not so fun.  alas…  but you DO look like you’re glowing!!

  3. christao408 says:

    Okay, here’s the question: can Bill really juggle bowling pins or did he just get them in the air long enough for the picture?Also, what are your plans around July 4th?  We’re starting to piece together our trip to the US and am not sure but we may use LA as our arrival and departure point and may arrive around July 4th.  Not sure yet…

  4. alextebow says:

    @christao408 – I’ll let Bill chime in on he juggling. We don’t have any set plans for the 4th of July. I’ll have a 3-day weekend then. If you guys are planning to spend a little time here, you’re welcome to stay with us if needed. And my offer from before still stands, we’d be happy to host a BBQ if you’d like to invite LA-area friends over… to maximize your socializing time.

  5. stebow says:

    Pregnancy Glow? What’s that? I never had it. The aquarium looked like loads of fun and Logan and Benjamin are a cute pair.  

  6. christao408 says:

    @alextebow – Thanks again for the offer.  Just found out that Pat and Carl may be in KC the week earlier so I don’t know – we might push things even earlier.  Stay tuned…

  7. karibarnes says:

    I’ve neglected Xanga for a good while now and spending my morning getting all caught up.  Had heard about the pregnancy news about a month ago but just now sending you and Bill my official congratulations!!  So very cool!

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