We had a nice Mother’s Day last weekend. Saturday we had lunch at a sushi restaurant in Newark with Bill’s parents. Ninkimono At first I thought Bill and I were just going to take his mom out to lunch. His dad was doing some yard work… and doesn’t like fish. He likes shellfish though. So I gave Bill a funny look that said, “does he know we’re going to a sushi restaurant?”when Mark joined us. Thankfully, we learned that Mark really likes a simple bento box. Give him some beef teriyaki and tonkatsu and he’s a happy man. Bill, Laikwan and I enjoyed some tasty sushi. Although none of the raw stuff for me.

After lunch, Bill dropped Laikwan and me at California Skin Care & Day Spa where I had scheduled both of us to get a one-hour massage… our Mother’s Day gift to her. The massage was wonderful and I was worried that I might fall asleep. Thankfully I didn’t and we both enjoyed the hour free of distraction. Well… I did giggle a little bit when I noticed that the piano and pan flute music that was playing turned out to be The Door’s C’mon Baby Light My Fire. The music at the spa puts a smile on my face anyway as it reminds me of the film The Karate Kid. But noticing the song definitely made me laugh. 

Later that evening we hung out with James, Kristen, Logan and Alvin. We had a nice dinner at Taqueria los Gallos. Then we watched some TV at their apartment. A nice chill evening.

Sunday afternoon we went to Mom & Dad’s house for some barbeque and fun. The weather was beautiful and I really enjoyed sitting in the warm sunshine in the backyard. Apparently I enjoyed it a little too much as my left arm got a little sunburned.

James had bubble duty for a little bit after Logan woke up from his nap.

Logan just loves chasing after bubbles. He’s actually getting better at blowing them himself, but he doesn’t quite have the coordination to be able to hold the bottle and do it entirely on his own. At least not without spilling. Michael ended up on bubble duty a little while later and eventually passed it on to me.

For an early dinner, Mom prepared a baked potato bar with lots of toppings. Bill grilled some steaks while the other guys stood guard. Well, it looked like they were standing guard. For dessert Jan baked and apple pie, chocolate mousse pie & an mixed berry pie. James brought a couple of pies from a place in San Mateo known for tasty pies, Heidi’s Pies.

Mom and Jackie got a little carried away with the whipped cream…

Bill and I flew home later that evening. It was a really nice weekend, but I’m noticing that weekends spent in the Bay Area really tire me out… even when I can sleep in. I probably won’t be traveling up there as often as I used to this summer. So I guess more people will have to start coming down to visit us!

This morning we had another Dr’s appointment. This time Bill was able to join me and he got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I asked what the heart rate was; 150.  I was curious because a friend of ours said any heart rate over 120 and the baby will be a girl. I think he’s full of it because my Dr said that between 120 and 160 is normal. Plus, this friend only has daughters, so his logic is flawed.

This week’s fruit/vegetable analogy is again misleading:

Perhaps we just get big fruit in California, but I see apples bigger than avocados all the time. Either way, the little one is about four and a half inches long and is now growing toenails. I haven’t felt him/her move yet, and I don’t expect that I will for a few more weeks. Today we scheduled an ultrasound for the end of the month where we hope to learn whether it’s a boy or a girl. It’s never a guarentee that the kid will be in the right position, but we have our fingers crossed. Stay tuned.


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4 Responses to

  1. christao408 says:

    Looks like a fun meal at the Tebow household!  Hmm… is Mooncake a Haas, a Zutano, or a Pinkerton?

  2. kfyeom says:

    The u/s is for the end of *this* month? Holy cannoli if that is true! It’s funny because I was just telling Bill that we probably won’t come down to you guys that much this summer because it gets so flippin hot down there. We will sacrifice to get our Wong fix though.

  3. alextebow says:

    Chris: the photo suggests a Haas.  Based on the size of the fruit on our neighbor’s avocado tree… I’m thinking Mooncake is a Zutano or Fuerte. Kristen: we’ll work on some house-cooling scenarios. Just stop planning to visit when we go through a 100+ degree heat wave!

  4. stebow says:

    Looks like I will have to do some trips south as well.

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