Last night we had quite an earthquake. Right around 8:30pm I was sitting at my computer when the house found like someone shook it suddenly… then it rolled around for a few seconds before coming quiet. The 4.7 quake was centered in Inglewood, which is about one mile from LAX, and about fifteen miles from us. This is the third quake I’ve felt in the last couple of months but the first time I felt one at home. Man! A 50+ year old house on a raised foundation really amplifies an earthquake! I thought for sure it would be close to a 6.0 and was actually disappointed to see it finalized at 4.7. The USGS website that I have bookmarked said there was a 3.1 in about the same spot a few minutes later, but I didn’t feel it. I went outside to make sure that there wasn’t a big one to follow and a few neighbors were walking around making sure everyone was alright. No one suffered any damage, just crooked pictures on the walls. When the phones were working again I spoke to Bill asking him if there was anything I should check on. As exciting as this one was, I’m happy to have these. The more of these we have the more stress is released from the fault lines… and the less chance we’ll have a really big one. At least that’s the idea.

This week is perhaps the ugliest fruit/vegetable analogy yet. At seventeen weeks the little one is approximately the size of a turnip, and weighs about five ounces.

Over the weekend Bill was gracious enough to take some “belly” shots. I don’t have much of a belly and still don’t look pregnant to the outside world. When I look down, it looks quite obvious to me. But my perspective is quite different than everyone else’s. One thing is for certain though, I have noticed that my belly button is shallower than it used to be.

Over the weekend we didn’t do a whole lot… on purpose. On Sunday we trekked down to Ikea in Costa Mesa to look at desks for me. We even brought measurements with us so we knew what would work in the small office. We found a corner desk that will work quite well and give me more desk surface than I currently have. Unfortunately the desk top box is too big to fit in the back of either of our cars. We’ll have to borrow a friend’s truck to actually get the desk home. Before we buy, we’ll probably check out desk options at Fry’s and Office Depot… if anything just to compare. I’m pretty sure that the quality of the desk is going to be the same wherever we go… at least for desks that are in the price range I’m aiming for.

After last night’s earthquake messed with my adrenaline, it took me a while to fall asleep. I woke up this morning with a Fleetwood Mac song (Go Your Own Way) stuck in my head and an odd feeling in my gut (not baby related). I thought perhaps we’d have another earthquake sometime today. Thankfully that didn’t happen. Instead we went through some sudden and surprising personnel changes at work today. One co-worker who has been out sick for the past month finally gave her notice. Although I don’t have any confirmation as to her reasons for leaving, based on what I’ve been able to hear in our small office, I believe she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My prayers go out to her and her family, she’s only a couple of years older than me and too young to have to deal with this. The other change came as a big surprise to me, one of the artists in my small department was laid off. I have no idea if his departure was performance based or because of the economy, (I suspect a little of both) but I will miss working with him. When these changes were announced, our CEO Adam, explained that our company has suffered some significant loss as many businesses have in this economy. But he reassured us that our market share with our customers has remained the same. So, as our customers’ business increases, hopefully, so will ours. It was quite unsettling for a little bit, but after a few minutes, we were back to business as usual. I don’t believe there are any plans to replace the artist that we lost, so I hope the three of us that are left will be able to keep up. At lunchtime when I went to the store, the same Fleetwood Mac song that was stuck in my head was playing on the radio… and it was playing again when I went home tonight, different radio station. Weird. Just proves that I hate change… when I have no control over it. Don’t really know why the song kept following me though… it’s about a breakup.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. christao408 says:

    Yeah the news of potential layoffs is unsettling, but there is only so much we can do about it and then we have to just set our worries aside and get on with life.

  2. stebow says:

    Creepy. Fleetwood Mac huh? Your belly looks adorable! Stay safe and healthy!

  3. kfyeom says:

    Belly pictures! Yay! My day is complete. I’m glad nothing happened with the earthquake 😀 Yay! Belly Pictures!

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