My apologies for those who wanted to find out last week’s fruit/vegetable analogy… it was a bell pepper and the photo was misleading yet again.

This week is much better:

At nineteen weeks we’re approximately the size of a large heirloom tomato. Yum! Measuring six inches long and weighing approximately eight and a half ounces. If he/she is be born with hair, it’s beginning to sprout about now. That will depend on who’s genes end up dominant… I was bald at birth, Bill had a full head of hair.

The best part of last week:

I had my second trimester ultrasound on Friday and we learned the sex.

It’s a boy!

In case you need it pointed out…

He’s sucking his thumb here.

The ultrasound tech took the measurements she needed and said that he’s measuring a little bit big and projected that my due date will be closer to October 18th instead of the 27th. My official due date will remain the 27th. She said they don’t change it unless the baby’s measurements push it much more than a week. She said that his legs are long and that his profile looks like he has my nose. It was awesome seeing him pretty much fully formed with his heart beating and his little body moving around.

She then showed us what we can do in the coming months if we’re willing to fork out the money. My clinic offers what they call 4D ultrasounds. (They’re actually 3D, and I think it’s ridiculous to call them 4D.) If you Google “4D ultrasound” there are some really amazing photos. It’s basically the normal ultrasound with some sort of algorithm in place that guesses what the 2D image looks like in 3D. Sometimes the images really turn out awesome and you can see facial features well enough to identify if the baby looks more like Mom or Dad.

This is the image she printed for us. At only eighteen weeks, it’s not a very clear image. His had is right near his cheek and he’s smiling. The baby had his head buried in the placenta for a while and it took a little while for him to turn around. It was really amazing to watch, it looked like he was burying his head in a pillow.

To be completely honest, I was shocked to find out we were having a boy. I was convinced we were having a girl and was worried I’d be disappointed if it turned out to be a boy. I wasn’t upset, I didn’t cry, but I was disappointed. All day Friday I kept thinking how my intuition could have been so wrong and what am I going to do with a boy… I can’t start a Girl Scout troop with a boy!

He must have sensed my disappointment because I really felt him move for the first time on Satruday. Magically, it made everything all better.

We’ve begun talking about names, but don’t bother asking what the winner will be. Once we decide, we’re going to keep it a surprise until he’s born. Ya’ll will find out when the world does. :::insert evil laugh:::


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  1. kristalucas says:

    not to worry – you’ll love having a boy.  and you can DEFINITELY take a boy camping/play in the dirt/all those fun things.  😉  i totally agree with keeping the name to yourself until he’s born….and hopefully i’ll be there to photograph those moments and hear the name first!  ::my own evil laugh inserted here::  love you!

  2. oldpartner says:

    That is fantastic to hear!  I have to admit I’m a little disappointed too.  I was saving the dresses that G’ma made fort the girls to pass on to you.  I suppose you could put him in the dresses, but Bill might not like that.  It really doesn’t matter the sex because you will love him no matter what.  The moment you hold hold him you’ll wonder how you can love someone so much without knowing him.  Besides, having a boy means no girl drama!!!!

  3. christao408 says:

    Can they really tell the nose profile from the ultrasound?  No way…Oh, I’m tickled that the GE logo is prominently placed on the images.  That’s smart branding.

  4. Congrats! The baby looks darling.  My husband really wants a boy but I’m like you, I would love a little girl first.

  5. alextebow says:

    @christao408 – yep, the tech zoomed in on his face and we got to see a pretty clear profile. Since he still has a lot of growing to do, I doubt that his profile will remain the same. It was still pretty amazing how clear the images were. The stills don’t do it justice since the baby moves around so much. It’s like to trying to photograph a toddler with slow speed film.  

  6. jandsschultz says:

    Well, well, a grand-nephew.  Can hardly wait.  You’ll just have to become a den mother, I guess. Glad all is well.

  7. ranicayao says:

    Congrats on the baby boy! Hope you’re doing well Alex.

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