Today marks twenty-one weeks. This week he’s about 10 1/2 inches long, approximately the length of a carrot. His eyelids and eyebrows are developing this week, and I feel him move around and kick a little bit each day. Of course, he stops whenever Bill tries to feel him move. :-/

Belly shots as of last weekend:

16 weeks and 20 weeks

I’m finally starting to look pregnant and am happy to wear shirts that show off my tummy.

Everyone at my office knows now and I’ve been hearing all sorts of odd and interesting stories and advice. Most of it I just have to nod and smile. One woman has been really funny in knowing exactly how I feel about my slowly growing tummy. She’s the same height and build as me and also got odd comments about how she must not be eating enough and so on. We just have a long torso! Jenn, I’m sure you can relate here. I actually enjoyed hearing from a few women who suspected my pregnancy a few months ago back when I was dealing with nasty nausea and back to back colds. Apparently, they say they knew back then. 

Over the weekend we drove up to Westlake Village to visit with my friend Krista and her husband Tim. They’re moving in a few weeks and set aside all of the baby clothes that no longer fit either of their boys. She even separated them by size. She basically said, if you don’t come and get them, we’re giving them away, because we don’t want to move them! So now my trunk is full of great baby clothes. If anyone out there is going to plan a baby shower, (no hint intended) please spread the word that we aren’t going to need any baby clothes. You won’t find any on our registry… when we finally make one.  
On the way back from Westlake Village, we drove through the canyon and into Malibu. Instead of taking the freeway home, we drove down the coast.

Both Bill and I realized that neither of us had ever been to Malibu and we stopped at the Malibu Seafood Fish Market & Patio Cafe for a late lunch.

I should have tried to get a better shot of the sign… oh well.

Bill had the oyster sandwich, I had the fish sandwich (the fish was cod, one of the ones I can eat!)

The sandwiches were delicious and very fresh. (I did pick off the slice of cheddar cheese though)  We also shared a side of fried scallops that were really tasty. The place isn’t really a restaurant, but more like a lunch counter selling fresh seafood items with lots of patio seating. Aside from the large amount of tourists who were there and the noise from the busy highway, the place was still relaxing. Plus between the noise of the tourists and the cars you could still hear the ocean pounding the beach on the other side of the highway and smell the salt in the air. After lunch we drove down the coast oohing and aahing at some of the beachfront mansions and wondering if the homeowners have to deal with the salty air corroding their homes. The drive took a lot less time that we anticipated and before we knew it, we were driving past the Santa Monica Pier. It’s a day trip that we’ll have to do again sometime and actually make some stops at the beach. I’d also like to visit the Getty Villa one of these days.

On Sunday we had lunch with Bill’s cousin and his two kids, Vivian and Vince. His oldest, Vivian, just graduated from UC Irvine with a fine art degree. So her dad was in town from China to attend the commencement. We had a great lunch at Lucille’s (really enjoyed having some actual lunch-sized portions). After lunch we vegged at the house for a while. Vivian and her dad napped, Vince and Bill played some video games. I napped a little bit too since we were all suffering from a Lucille’s induced food coma. We had dinner at a local Hong Kong style restaurant. It was great to see them as we don’t get to see each other very often. Now that Vivian is finished with school, and planning to stay in the LA area, we’re going to try and see her more often.

My last little bit to share this week: I created a new blog that will be dedicated to my freelance work: Design & Illustration by Alex. I’ll slowly start posting some of the freelance projects I’ve done over the past few years and continue to add new projects as I finish them. I plan to include some photography and random musings about art too. This is my temporary solution to a severely outdated portfolio website. Completely re-designing my website is going to require a lot of time in one chunk… time I just don’t have right now. So, for now, I’ll use the blog… since it only takes a few minutes at a time. Feel free to stop by!


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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5 Responses to

  1. stebow says:

    Your baby bump is adorable. Your Dad thinks you are pooching it out and should just hold your stomach in. heh heh heh The site looks wonderful!

  2. christao408 says:

    Silly question, but you captioned “16 and 20 weeks”.  Is the one on the left 16 weeks?  Maybe just my perception but I think the picture on the left shows more of a pronounced bump than the one on the right.

  3. alextebow says:

    @christao408 – Yeah, I thought so too… but the one on the left was taken at 16 weeks. I imagine it’ll get more obvious in the next few weeks. 

  4. oldpartner says:

    Enjoy that long torso!  It definitely helps to have some “extra” space when carrying a baby.  I didn’t have the sickness like you did, so I ended gaining 50 pounds with each girl.  When I tell people that, they said that they never would have guessed that I had gained that much weight.  I wish I could say it was mainly the weight of each girl, but Emily was 7 lbs, 6 oz and Ava was 6lbs, 7oz.  I guess I was just a hungry Mommy!

  5. jandsschultz says:

    You look good, girl.  That tummy will definitely get larger in the next few weeks and Bill will be able to feel the baby moving around.  The second trimester is the best before you get too uncomfortable.  Thanks for the updates…appreciate knowing that you’re feeling well.

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