Bill is somewhat addicted to a website called Woot! (Their Wiki page explains their history) It’s a bargain shopping website where they sell one random item each day, at a very discounted price. I enjoy checking on the site each once in a while to read their hilariously-written product descriptions. I also recently bought a decent tri-pod for $5.

Each once in a while they sell what they call a Bag of Crap. It’s usually a random box of items sold at a flat price of $5. Sometimes the products really are useless. But sometimes, the overstock items could include a digital camera, flat-panel TV or some other fantastic item. From what Bill has read, they’ve sent out TVs, laptop computers, laser printers and LCD monitors as part of the Bags of Crap… it just depends on what overstock items they have in their warehouse. Because of the odds of getting something cool, Bags of Crap usually sell out very quickly. Last week Bill was able to order one for the first time… and so did I.

Here’s a photo of what came in my Bag of Crap:

A four-handset cordless telephone, a SpongeBob soft sided lunch bag, three NY Mets dry erase calenders and a set of USB powered Woot! lights.

Here’s what came in Bill’s Bag of Crap:

Three comedy DVDs, two heart-shaped digital photo keychains, two multi-screwdriver tools and a canvas wine bag. Bill’s box was supposed to have Woot lights too, but they didn’t make it into the box.

Part of me asks, why spend $5 on a box of useless items? The anticipation of what might arrive is entertainment in itself. Bill checked both of the UPS tracking emails to see what the weight of the boxes would be.  I guess you can compare it to shaking your presents before Christmas hoping to get an idea of what’s inside. Obviously, if the box is labeled at twenty-five pounds, there might be something worth getting excited about.

I’m so glad I have something to carry my lunch in now…


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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