Taking a quick break in the recap postings from the last two months…

Two weeks ago I indulged myself a little with a maternity photo shoot. I became a fan of a photographer local to the Bay Area, Tressa LeFevre, after seeing some of her work on ProjectWedding. She was having a trash-the-dress marathon, scheduling brides back to back at one picturesque location in the east bay, and was gracious enough to let me have one of those spots. Knowing I might not fit into my wedding gown, she still loved the idea of taking a break from brides for a couple of hours, and encouraged me to bring more than just my wedding gown.

I wasn’t sure if I’d fit into my wedding gown again. But, I really wasn’t trying to look like a bride, so I left the veil at home, donned some different jewelry and wore my hair down. Thankfully, Sara and her sister Ashtyn were awesome and helped me givie my hair some curl. My wedding gown actually worked quite well as a non-wedding gown.

I met up with Tressa late Saturday afternoon in Port Costa; a very small town on the Carquinez Straight near Crockett. Now, I grew up in the Bay Area and had never been to this part of the east bay. My mom has lived in the Bay Area all her life and had never even heard of this place. It took about an hour to get there from Newark and was a really gorgeous location. There’s a large regional park with lots of water access for fishing. Mom drove me out there and hung out at the bar at the end of the county-maintained road called Warehouse Cafe. While I was out taking photos with Tressa, Dad, Jan and Mark joined her. When I got back about ninety minutes later, they were all happy with their mixed drinks and joking about who should stop drinking since they came in two cars. I ended up driving one of those cars back to Newark.

After the shoot, we walked to a restaurant that occupies the ground floor of a 100+ year old building just across the street from the bar called Bull Valley. The ambiance was elegant and charming and the food was delicious. I enjoyed duck a l’orange with some sort of delicious potato dish. I can’t remember what everyone else had, but I know that there was rack of lamb, shrimp scampi, salmon and steak. The restaurant was a pleasant surprise in a town with less than 300 residents.

So, here are a few of the photos that resulted in our shoot. Enjoy.


I will be getting a CD of the final photos in a week or so, but I have these three in the mean time. I love them and am really happy that I decided to indulge. I’m not sure why maternity photos have gained popularity these days; tons of photographers do them. A friend suggested it might have started with the 1991 Vanity Fair cover with a gorgeously pregnant and nude Demi Moore. I don’t know. But I am planning to take some more maternity photos in a month or so with my friend Krista. So, we’ll see how much bigger my tummy can get!

While he was here, Chris asked me what I plan to do with these… I have no idea. Maybe they’ll just stay on my computer so that someday I can show my son that I felt beautiful for a little while while I was pregnant with him. In the mean time, I was happy to feel like a goddess for a couple of hours.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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6 Responses to

  1. jackietebow says:

    I think that your pictures turned out awesome!! What a great day it turned out to be. I think that it would be cool if you picked a few of your favs and maybe frame them. They’re great pictures and you should show them off. 

  2. christao408 says:

    The second and third ones look like they belong on some album cover, the lighting has a surreal quality.  That is an interesting and revealing statement you made about feeling beautiful for a little while while pregnant.  From what I could tell while I was down there, you were positively radiant.  Hope you feel the way you look.

  3. stebow says:

    I agree with Chris!!! You are stunning!

  4. bevduhon says:

    Stunning truly, how about a bellycast next??

  5. jandsschultz says:

    Alex, You look beautiful.  The pictures turned out quite well.  I’m happy that the attitude about pregnant bodies has changed.  

  6. oldpartner says:

    WOW! You look fantastic!  You definitely need to do something with the pictures other than just keep them on the computer.  Although pregnancy can have it’s bad times, it also has it’s good times, and those pictures definitely captures how you are feeling at this moment.  Treasure these moments because they often get lost and forgotten during the hectic times to come.  They are important to remember.

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