Eventually I will get around to posting about the 4th of July, Dad’s birthday and our second trip to Tahoe…

In the mean time I’ve officially begun my third trimester. At twenty-eight weeks the little guy, kumquat, mooncake, or Sumting (as Bill has started calling him) measures just under fifteen inches long and weighs approximately 2 and a quarter pounds:

…roughly the same weight as a Napa cabbage. He moves around all the time now and I’m starting to notice a routine to his pokes and somersaults. He often reacts to Bill’s touch since his hands are always warm and we both think he might possibly be reacting to the music of the ice cream truck. Despite my lack of weight gain, my doctor says the tummy is growing and measuring just fine. Because of pressure the little guy is putting on my stomach, I get full pretty quickly when I’m eating… and then I’m hungry again in two hours. It’s been kind of funny. My sleep has changed a bit as I get used to only sleeping on my sides. Occasionally there’s some hip or shoulder pain, but it’s been very manageable. I definitely miss sleeping on my back. I’ve experienced leg and foot cramps a couple of times at night, but I’ve found that doing some stretching before I go to bed keeps them away. At least so far. My belly button is officially an outie when I’m sitting or standing, and it flattens out when I’m laying down. It’s not the most attractive-looking thing, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t suck it back in!

This morning we spent some time talking with the doctor to make sure she would be supportive of my attempt to do this childbirth thing drug-free. Maybe it’s the hippie blood in me, but I’m in the mindset that my body already knows how to do this and I don’t see any need for unnecessary medical intervention. Of course, this may change once I’m actually in labor. But, for now I’m doing my best to educate myself and Bill and work on my Bradley exercises and breathing. So far so good. The next things we need to do are schedule a tour of the hospital where I’ll be delivering and start looking for pediatricians.

Kristen made an excellent point about baby registries to me and I’ve added a registry at Babies-R-Us. I’ve tried not to duplicate any items, but sometimes they’re just cheaper on Amazon… shipping too.


If the links don’t work, you can search by either Bill’s name or my name.

As you’ll be able to see from the registries, we’re going to give cloth diapering a try. Cloth diapers have come a long way from the ones that Mom used on me and the cost savings alone is enough to at least try them out. We’ve registered for a couple of a few different brands to see what ones will work best with our baby. From what I’ve read, it really varies. We’re working on adding more items that are on less expensive end of the spectrum. I’ve made sure to include lots of the big items so we can take advantage of the discounts that are usually offered after the baby is born. We experienced this perk after our wedding and hope that Babies-R-Us does the same thing.

That’s it for now. James, Kristen and Logan will be spending the weekend with us as James has some work in Orange County tomorrow. My thoughts will be with Chris and Tawn this weekend as they celebrate their wedding in Iowa and reception in Kansas City. I really would have loved to fly out, but my body just wouldn’t be able to handle the non-jetBlue flights. (yes, I’m spoiled) My love and congratulations to you both!


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  1. stebow says:

    Gotta love that little cabbage, huh? 

  2. oldpartner says:

    I’ve had one baby with meds and one without and I highly recommend to do what feels right for you but not to totally dismiss meds.  It definitely relaxed me during a time when I was already stressed out about the unknown and for me was very useful.  But you have to do what is right for you.  Every woman has a different level of pain tolerance and mine is very low.  I know that you will be fine and will enjoy the expereince.

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