This week marks 30 weeks with the little one measuring over fifteen inches long and just over three pounds.

Approximately the same weight as a head of cabbage.

I’m still doing quite well despite my brief stint in the hospital. Although I did notice a change when I got home and suddenly “felt” the third trimester. I don’t know if it was because I was in bed for four days, but my body is more achy, my patience is a little shorter, I feel much bigger than I look, and sleeping is a bit more difficult. I imagine this will all get worse as he gets bigger, but I thought it was funny how those feelings all seemed to present themselves at once.
Cravings still include lots of dairy. I couldn’t get enough milk the other night and drank over three glasses with dinner. I’ve also been craving a few no-so-healthy foods like bologna and hot dogs. (I’m supposed to be avoiding nitrites) And, for some reason, I seem to crave fruit juice around 10pm each night. The little kumquat is growing and kicking all the time. He also gets the hiccups every other day or so. He’s getting big enough that he kicks my ribs if I slouch for more than a few minutes. I guess my rib cage was invading “his” space.

Kristen and Logan spent the week with us as James was working in Florida all week. Last Sunday Jackie and Arthur joined us as we spent the day at Knotts Berry Farm. It was exhausting and fun. Logan had a blast and was very upset when it was time to leave… begging and pleading to stay longer. Bill decided that children must feed on the energy of adults when at theme parks. To Logan the day wasn’t nearly long enough. To the rest of us, three hours felt like an entire day. I’ll post some photos from the day next week.

I’ll be flying up to the Bay Area tonight for my baby shower tomorrow. This is the last time I’ll be flying anywhere for a while. My doctor said I can probably keep flying until 38 weeks or so, but I’m cutting myself off now. It’s really quite tiring to make the trip and I have plenty of work to do on the weekends between now and the end of October. There are a few boxes of furniture that need assembly!

Got this image yesterday from Louie. It made both Kristen and me laugh out loud.

Hurricane Bill!



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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. christao408 says:

    The next few weeks will probably get more and more uncomfortable, I imagine.  The good news is, you haven’t that much longer to go!  Tell “Hurricane” Bill to keep that hot air to himself… LOL

  2. oldpartner says:

    Funny that you are craving hot dogs.  I did the same with Emily.  I would get one every time we went to a KU basketball game that season.  You’re beginning to see the dim light at the end of the tunnel.  As the weeks progress, it will get brighter as the anticipation grows.  Take it easy and relax the best you can over the next ten weeks.  

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