Catching up…

The week before the 4th of July, Bill and I spent on a mini-vacation in Lake Tahoe. Yes, we had just been there with James and Kristen, but this trip was just for the two of us. Honestly, I never get tired of that place. We flew from the Bay Area to Reno on Southwest Airlines… which was rough on my body as I’m very used to the legroom on jetBlue airplanes. Thankfully, I had SkyMall to keep me company. It’s amazing how that magazine sells all sorts of products that solve all of life’s problems… especially those problems you never knew existed until you picked up the magazine.

We arrived in Reno around lunchtime, picked up our rental car, and drove to South Lake Tahoe to our hotel. This was the view from our hotel room at Harrah’s.

Not too bad, eh?
We spent the week vegging, exploring the area, taking photos, trying new restaurants and revisiting favorite places to eat. We tried a new restaurant (well, new to us) in South Lake Tahoe called Freshies Restaurant and Bar. They had some Hawaiian dishes along with some American food. Despite rave reviews on Yelp, I thought it was okay. I don’t know if we’ll eat there again. No trip to Tahoe is complete without at least one breakfast at The Red Hut Cafe. Either of their three locations is a guarantee of a fabulous breakfast, no matter what you order, and fantastic service.

We spent one afternoon in Reno, checking to see what was still open. Reno is looking pretty sad with many of the older hotels/casinos like Fitzgerald’s, Sundowner, and Golden Phoenix closed.  Bill likes to reminisce about our first trip to Reno shortly after I turned 21. I was getting carded everywhere we went and was even carded by the guy dressed as a leprechaun that stood outside Fitzgerald’s handing out coupons. I’ll never live that one down.


We went to a movie, (Transformers 2, it was okay) and had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings in Reno; Bill’s, all-time, favorite chicken wings restaurant. I can’t tell you how excited he was when he learned they were finally opening them in California.

We spent Wednesday driving to North Shore along the Nevada side of the lake. We stopped at a few turnouts to snap photos.

We stopped at Cave Rock to check out the view. The boat launch here is significantly cheaper than at Ski Run or Tahoe Keys. Something to remember next time we’re up there with a boat!

We hiked down to the water at a turnout/vista point near Secret Cove. The weather was actually a little warm, but I managed just fine. I did have to laugh at myself for getting winded after climbing a few stairs.

We tried to find a rock where we could just set the camera down and use the timer.

Close enough.

Much better! Bill scrambling over the rocks in less than ten seconds was hilarious.

We kept driving north around the lake and vowed to visit Sand Harbor on our next trip. It’s probably the biggest and best beach on Lake Tahoe and looked like lots of fun as we drove by. Too bad we weren’t dressed for the beach. We drove all the way to the state line and the Cal-Neva Resort. It’s one of the oldest hotels in the area, opened in 1926, and was once owned by Frank Sinatra. The hotel and casino have definitely seen better days, (the air conditioning wasn’t working when we visited) but it’s a nostalgic stop if you’re in North Shore. It was once a playground for celebrities, mobsters and politicians. Apparently they offer evening tours of some of the secret tunnels and passageways that were built to allow some of the famous guests an easy escape from the press or private access to guestrooms.

After loosing a few bucks at Cal-Neva we turned around and headed back to South Shore. We stopped at Incline Village to check out the neighborhood near the water. There was a very large percentage of homes for sale. We always pick up a realty guide when we’re in Lake Tahoe… just in case our dream home goes on the market at the same moment we win the lottery. You never know! I did find one lakeside home that would have suited me just fine… it was close to four thousand square feet with it’s own private beach, private dock, private forested area, and the nearest neighbors were at least a mile away. If only I had a spare fifteen million…

Later that evening, we had comped tickets to the Improv Comedy Club at Harvey’s, so we took advantage. The show was entertaining with three relatively unknown comics. I’m always up for a comedy show.

Thursday we flew back to the Bay Area to spend the 4th of July with family. I’ll post about that later along with some new belly photos… I promise!


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  1. christao408 says:

    Such beautiful pictures!  I love the Lake Tahoe area.Yes, it is funny how SkyMall as well as those late night infomercials help us discover needs we had never previously known we had!

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