My apologies for such a long gap between posts. The weather has been really warm and has seriously prevented me from spending any length of time in front of my computer at home where we don’t have air conditioning.

This week marks 33 weeks with the little guy measuring approximately seventeen inches long from head to toe and weighing around four pounds.

…roughly the weight of a pineapple. He’s come a long way from being merely a kumquat! My tummy is growing and he’s right on track for 33 weeks gestation. For fun we measured the circumference of my waist last week and it was forty inches! I’m still feeling pretty good if you average out the good days and bad days. The bad days aren’t really that bad either, just lots of body aches, fatigue and general feelings of hugeness and crappiness. The good days are great though and I’m thankfully not having too hard a time getting plenty of sleep. My urinary tract infection decided to make a repeat performance a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully I didn’t need to be hospitalized this time as oral antibiotics did their thing. But I was still crippled with back pain for a couple of days waiting for the antibiotics kick in. In discussing my options with my doctor, we agreed that having me on a low dose of antibiotics for the next few weeks would be a good idea. One extra pill a day in addition to my prenatal vitamins is no problem for me if it keeps that nasty infection away and doesn’t harm the little one.

We’re just about finished with our Bradley class and are currently looking at our options on where to deliver this little guy. The hospital where my insurance company has me delivering isn’t real friendly when a mom wants to try a natural, drug and intervention free childbirth. So we’ve been calling around to see where else we can go. We talked to my doctor and she was happy to submit a request to transfer me to a different local hospital that is much friendlier to the kind of birth I’m aiming for. I just need to check with my insurance company to see if the request was approved. Other options out there include going to a birth center instead of a hospital. Sadly, there are only two birth centers in our area that are a reasonable driving distance from home. They are run by certified-midwives and have arrangements with local hospitals if any unforeseen emergencies come up. Which is very few according to their stats. One is already booked full for October. The other I haven’t heard from yet. The third option would be to hire a midwife and give birth at home. Bill and I aren’t really up for that. With how much we’ve both learned in the past few months about hospitals and childbirth, we both completely understand why someone would want to give birth at home. But to us, we’re just not comfortable with the risks in case something goes wrong. Plus, I don’t want to have to all that clean up!

A couple of weeks ago Mom, Jan and Yvonne hosted my baby shower. It was lots of fun with great food and wonderful company.

Mom and Catherine decided to try and give me “family heirloom” gifts that were pretty funny. One was a beat-up, filthy umbrella stroller that Mom pickedup at a thrift store. She tried to pass it off as the one that she used for her four kids… yeah right! The other was this wood bassinet that actually belongs to Catherine. She built a rickety frame for it and everyone cracked up at how wobbly it was.

I wouldn’t even put a dog in that thing!

Mom had a really nifty idea to have everyone who was planning to give clothing bring it unwrapped. She then attached everything to a clothesline and wrapped it in one big box. It was really cool.

Of course the whole thing was passed around so everyone could see all the cute clothes.

We played a fun game where we all had to guess the name of the candy bar that was strategically placed inside a makeshift diaper.

I’m not sure whether or not I should be ashamed that I won this game. I guessed all of the candy bars except one. Kendra said she played that game once where the hostess put each candy bar in the microwave for a few seconds. That’s just not fair… and gross!

Yvonne made a diaper cake for me. If you’ve never seen or heard of a diaper cake, they’re an odd and unique way to give gifts at a shower. It’s basically a whole bunch of diapers, blankets, washcloths, and random baby accessories tied together to resember a layered cake.

This is the best photo I have right now. Hopefuly someone took a better one. I think it’s really awesome, especially when a loved one is the one who made it! Mine was full of disposible and cloth diapers, receiving blankets and wash cloths from our registry. It also had some adorable toys.

Perhaps the funniest items were the hidden bottle of sake and the home test kit for testing how much alcohol is in breast milk. Who knew they made such a test!?!

Catherine took a few random shots of my tummy.

By the time we thought to take a big group photo, over half of the guests had left. Oh well.

Here’s who was still there towards the end of the afternoon.

It was a really great party and I can’t thank Mom, Jan and Yvonne enough for putting it on. Thanks guys!


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  1. christao408 says:

    What a fantastic shower!  Sorry we couldn’t be there to help you celebrate but are looking forward to coming down to LA on the next visit to see you and the little one.As for places to have the baby, you know that Bill probably had the thought that giving birth on a jetBlue plane would give the company lots of positive publicity.  Then maybe they would name the plane after your baby.

  2. jandsschultz says:

    Sorry I missed the shower.  Looks and sounds like a lively party, enjoyed by all in attendance.  We’ll be looking forward to hearing about our first grand-nephew’s birth mid-October.

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