Tommy Update and Bradley Reunion

Still struggling to keep up with the blogging…

Tommy is changing every day. He’s growing like crazy and has almost outgrown all of the 3 month clothes. Almost everything he wears is size 6 months or 9 months… which makes me wonder about how companies decide on the sizing. He smiles all the time now and loves to have conversations with random objects and people. He conversed with his night light for over an hour last night… at 2am. He’s recovering from his first cold right now. He was congested with a runny nose for two days. No fever thankfully and he wasn’t overly fussy. Using the bulb syringe has been an odd experience.

Tommy’s first New Year’s Eve… a quiet evening watching the ball drop over Times Square.

We took these right after midnight. All three of us were struggling to stay awake until midnight.

He does this often… falls asleep and then keeps his arms out when I put him on my shoulder. It always cracks me up.

  Passed out while Daddy tries to send some emails.

Since he’s holding his head up almost entirely on his own, we’ve been trying to take some nice photos.

His eyebrows are still blond, but quite expressive for being nearly invisible.

This one is the winner from the group.

Tommy is officially chubby now (in my opinion at least) with a pronounced double chin, rolls on his thighs and adorable dimples where knuckles should be. I’ve been trying to get some shots of just his hands and feet… so far I have a lot of blurry shots of his hands and feet. I’ll try again this weekend when he’s asleep.

He developed some mild cradle cap a few weeks ago, and we found that his hair didn’t look so oily so quickly after a bath if we spiked his hair.

So we’ve been “styling” his hair in varying kinds of faux hawks.

This past weekend Bill and I had attended our Bradley class reunion. We’ve maintained contact with five other couples from our class. When I was still on maternity leave, just the mommies met once a week to chat and remind each other that we were all going though the same things in one way or another. It’s been wonderful therapy of sorts for us as we all adjust to becoming mommies for the first time and balance work, family and maintain some sanity. We still try to get together every weekend to go for a walk, have lunch or just hang out and talk. I always look forward to going and always feel so refreshed afterward.

All of the babies are around the same age. Eliana is the oldest born in August (on the left). Colin (on the right) was born on October 24th. Max was born on October 14th and Elias was born the same day as Tommy on October 12th. The youngest is Natalie, born on November 6th.

At one point during the evening we were all nursing or just finishing up with comatose babies at the same time… I had a feeling that would happen.

While the daddies chatted in the kitchen.

It was a really fun evening and we are planning to get together on some sort of a regular basis.

I’ll work on getting some more photos posted this weekend.


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3 Responses to Tommy Update and Bradley Reunion

  1. stebow says:

    Great post baby! Loved the pic of the nape of his neck. That’s the best place for a kiss in my opinion.

  2. christao408 says:

    Love the pictures, Alex.  Thanks for making the time to write them as we are enjoying keeping up on his growth.

  3. jandsschultz says:

    Thanks, Alex, for keeping us updated.  I know you are very busy.  We do so appreciate the time you spare for sending pictures and commentary.  Can you imagine having to take the film to the developing center, then return for the pictures a few days later, then mail them to various members of the family (grandmas & grandpas…rest of us left out)?  Digital cameras are so helpful.  I’m glad to hear about your support group.  It’s so important for young parents to have that, even if you don’t maintain the friendships over the long haul.  Knowing that you aren’t alone in what you’re experiencing is so helpful, especially when you don’t have extended family close by that have been through the young parent journey.  

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