My Brother: Ironman & Happy 6th Months Tommy!

It has been very busy for me these past few weeks, hence the lack of updates. My apologies.

Last month Patrick, Melissa, Mom and Adeline flew down as Patrick was participating in his first Ironman Triathlon. It was a half triathlon with the distances at: 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run. The race took place in Oceanside which lies just north of San Diego. This was the longest triathlon Patrick had ever participated in and he did well. He was aiming for a time around five hours and finished at 05:34:43. He wasn’t too happy with the results but considering his bicycle broke a spoke and he had never swam that distance before, I think he did very well. Here are a few shots from the race taken by the pros.

According to the photography website, Patrick is in there somewhere.


I think Patrick ended up with a bit of a tan line from the numbers written on his bicep.

Crossing the finish line!

We had a hard time finding Patrick when we arrived. At one point we thought we had missed him and headed for the finish line. Turns out we should have just stayed put because he hadn’t passed us yet. Either way, we enjoyed some beautiful weather, Tommy got to stick his toes in the sand for the first time and we spent the afternoon hanging out with our friend Chuck who lives in the area. It made for a very nice weekend.

Tommy’s first visit to the beach:

Thankfully, he wasn’t freaked out by the sand on his toes. He though it was kind of interesting.

We will have another visit to the beach where we actually put his feet in the water.

Tommy turned six months old this month. He’s more active and animated as ever. He is sitting up, almost entirely unassisted and really wants to crawl. He can get up on his hands and knees into a crawling position, and rocks back and forth, but hasn’t quite figured out how to move forward yet. He’s pretty good at scooting backwards, which frustrates him as he scoots farther away from his toys. We love trying to decipher his gibberish and seeing his face light up when he’s tickled. He finds it hilarious when Jackie and I have normal conversation or when we sneeze. We are truly blessed to have such a happy and healthy baby.

A few weeks ago we introduced Tommy to solid foods. It has definitely been bittersweet for me. I truly love breastfeeding him and being in complete control over what he eats. It makes me feel very special that his nourishment only comes from me. With the introduction of solids, I feel like this is the beginning of the end of his baby-ness. Thankfully, he’s done pretty well. He likes his rice cereal, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas and carrots. Last night we tried butternut squash and he loved it. He’s also sleeping longer at nighttime thanks to having food in his tummy that takes longer to digest. On Tuesday night he slept nine hours! It’s the longest stint he has ever slept. Of course last night he was up at 4am, but I’m hoping we will see more nights of uninterrupted sleep.

On his six month birthday, I stripped him down for some nekkid baby pictures. We tried taking some with his diaper off, but he was SO squirmy that 90% of the photos are blurry. But just a few good shots makes it all worth while.

He LOVES eating his toes. Bill and I just don’t understand why, but it’s pretty funny to watch.


Here Daddy, let me take some photos!

Bill snapped this photo as he was arriving home from work:

A couple of weeks ago we spent a weekend in Newark. I spent all day Saturday with Mom working on Tommy’s baby book. I’m making a scrapbook as his baby book. It’s technically my first scrapbook as I usually prefer the ones I create on the computer and then pay someone else to print. But since I want to save the little mementos that come with his first year, like hospital bracelets, I felt it deserves a traditional scrapbook. It has been a lot of fun to work on, just very slow going. I’ll be lucky if I get it finished before the end of the year. Thankfully I only plan for it to document his first year. After that, we can make simple photo albums if necessary.

  I’ll be the pilot today!

Playing with the Grandpas.

Crashed and burned!

Getting ready for bath time!

On Sunday we went to the Thai Buddhist Temple in Fremont for brunch. I have photos from there on another computer, so I’ll blog about it later.


Heading home.


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3 Responses to My Brother: Ironman & Happy 6th Months Tommy!

  1. jandsschultz says:

    My, how Tommy is growing.  I know that is supposed to happen, but, even after all these years, it amazes me how fast time passes and how quickly babies change.  We couldn’t open the videos so these pictures are what we’ve been waiting for.  Thanks for sharing them with everyone, Alex.

  2. christao408 says:

    Wonderful photos, all.  I’m glad we had a chance to see him while he was still in full baby mode and can’t wait to see more of him in July, although I suspect the lines will be long as every Tebow in town will want to see him.  As for the switch to solid food, all I can say is, at least he likes rice!  Ha ha…

  3. oldpartner says:

    Great pictures!  Thanks for sharing them!  Keep up with that scrap book.  I almost finished Emily’s.  Made it to her first birthday and I never did start Ava, who now is 4.  Maybe when the girls slow down with activities, I’ll be able to begin it.  Luckily, Ava’s birth story is unforgetable so I won’t have to worry about losing my memories.  We can’t wait to see all of you in July!

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